Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan ff: Freeze Frame| Chapter: 5

Scene begins in Agastya’s dadi asks him doesn’t Pakhi wife of him? Giving shocks to them. Agastya about to deny it but doctor nods to her shocking them. Dadi holds Pakhi’s hand and kissed on her hand by saying she might treasure her grandson reasoning he has no one in this world then her. She adds that Agastya faced many worst days in his life at least she wanna make his world beautiful with her love on him. Agastya stands there helplessly. Pakhi stares doctor he signals her to nods with her. Pakhi holds her hand and assures to her that she will take care on him. Dadi feels happy and faints again. They gets panic but Doctor asks them to wait outside. In the tension both of them didn’t open their mouth about her words.

Later Doctor comes out and informs to them that Dadi is already weak she has only counted days in her life. They might keep her happy. Agastya gets broken hearing it and asks him to save his Dadi. Doctor says that it seems she lived these many days for him but due to her over age its hard for her to survive from this sudden accident. They might keep her happy and should not give any stock to her. It may affect her health. He apologises to Pakhi for mentioning her as Agastya’s wife reasoning he has no option then that on that time.

He can’t able to say sure whether she remind his word or not? If she forget it when she gain conscious it’s good for her. Or else they wanna keep this lie for her happiness. Agastya thinks how will he do it? He adds that Pakhi is his. Pakhi stops him and says that she is ready to act like his wife for his dadi. Agstya stares her helpless. She assures to him that she will do anything for his happiness. She promises to him that Dadi is important to them. He thank her for helping him. She consoles him. Just then Ishaan calls her. Seeing it Agastya says that its wrong. Ishaan won’t accept this. Pakhi says that he should not open this matter to him. She is not gonna reveal this to him. More then that we are gonna pretend like husband and wife now real one. Which gives pain to Agastya. He says that he is her soon to be husband so she shouldn’t hide anything from him. Pakhi says that even she too have privacy. Ishaan is not important to her then Agastya. He came to her life recently but he was with her last 18 years. So this is her decision so he shouldn’t stop her.

Screen froze

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