Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan: Shanaya to grow suspicious of Bulbul?

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Colors popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for more drama with Bulbul teaching Meera a lesson.

In the previous episode viewers witnessed that The nurse tried to feed Agastya, but he refused to eat. Bulbul said to the nurse that she will feed him. Agastya recognized Bulbul on hearing her voice. Dadi saw this and got happy. Bulbul said Agastya to have food. Agastya said to show her face first. Bulbul said that she covered face like the superhero. Agastya got happy saying that Bulbul is his superhero. Bulbul fed Agastya food. Agastya and Bulbul played catch catch with ball. Agastya broke a vase by mistake. Meera arrived there. Bulbul hid. Meera got furious and slapped Agastya. She took a stick to beat Agastya. Dadi toes to stop Meera in vain. Meera made Dadi leave the room and beat Agastya. Bulbul witnessed this hiding and got teary eyes. Later Bulbul taught a lesson to Meera for making Agastya cry. She brought spicy and turned on the fan. The spicy went in Meera’s eyes and she shouted in pain.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Shanaya will tell Naveli that she doubts Bulbul is hiding something. She will wonder why she helped them by teaching Meera a lesson. Later Shanaya will search Bulbul’s bag to get any clue. However Naveli will take her out and will say that she’s overthinking. Agastya will blabber Pakhi’s name in sleep. Meera will get worried that Agastya will remember Pakhi and will try to hospitalize him as soon as possible. Bulbul will ask Dadi about Pakhi and will learn about Agastya and Pakhi’s story. Dadi will tell that Agastya’s birthday will be the next day. Bulbul will make Meera leave the house urgently and will celebrate Agastya’s birthday.

What will happen next? Will Shanaya see Bulbul’s face? Will Meera find out Bulbul’s plan?

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