From Anant informing his family about Gehna’s studies to Anant getting a job in Radhika’s office: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2”

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Weekly Update

This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Anant says to Radhika that he can’t hide the truth from Gehna anymore. Radhika says to him that she knows that Gehna is his wife and she deserves to know the truth and reminds him about his promise, so he stays silent. Paresh asks Anant to select dress for Gehna. Anant apologize to Gehna for breaking his promise and he selects one dress and gives it to Gehna. But she refuse to take it saying that she don’t want anything. Radhika says to him that she liked that dress but before she takes it from his hand, Gehna takes it saying she liked it.

Gehna wears the dress Anant selected for her and Someone pushes her in the room and she shocks seeing Anant there. They realises that someone planned movie date for them. Paresh and Tiya praises Hema’s plan. Hema says to them that she handled Kanak and Radhika too.

Anant cries seeing emotional scene. Gehna teases him for that and she  dances with Anant in her dream. Kanak and Radhika realises that Beautician spoiled their hair. Gehna asks Anant that why he didn’t return yesterday night. She says to him that she is not suspecting him and there must be some reason behind his decision so she just want to know that reason. Anant was about to say something but stops seeing Radhika. Jamuna tells Radhika to leave the house. Praful asks Gehna to question Anant’ decision.

Anant shocks learning that Radhika left the house. He goes to Radhika’s house and meets her Doctor there. Doctor says to him that Radhika’s condition is really bad and it started when Radhika’s long time boyfriend left her to marry someone else. Kanak blames Gehna saying Radhika left the house because of her. Jamuna says to her that she asked Radhika to leave the house.

Anant brings Radhika back and says to his family that if anyone has any problem with Radhika then they has to talk to him not Radhika. Anant receives call for job interview and informs about it to his family and he also informs them that Gehna continued her studies. Gehna studies while working in the kitchen. Jamuna asks her to concentrate on her studies saying Kanak and Hema will handle the kitchen work. Anant’s friend invites Anant to the party and asks about Radhika. Radhika hears that and says to Anant that they should go to the party.

Anant hesitates thinking about Gehna. She says to him that Gehna must be feel uncomfortable with their friends gang and her exams also coming so let her concentrate on her studies. Kanak asks Radhika that why she is cooking for everyone instead of stopping Gehna. Radhika says to her that she has to impress Desai family and for Gehna she already changed her notes.

Anant scolds Gehna for giving wrong answers to all the questions. They notices that someone changed the notes and Gehna asks him to call his friend who is an handwriting expert to catch the culprit.Radhika learns that Anant called an handwriting expert and she informs about it to Kanak. Kanak sneaks into Gehna’s room to get rid of the notes. She informs Radhika that she tore the papers which had Radhika’s handwriting. Gehna confronts Kanak saying she saw her in the room and says to her that she want to study and they can’t compete with each other.

Kanak mocks her. Anant takes stand for Gehna and says to Kanak that she can’t stop Gehna by doing all this. He refuse to go to the party saying he need to teach Gehna for her exams. Radhika gives spiked coffee to Gehna but Anant drinks it. Radhika shocks knowing that Gehna woke up early and wonders why sleeping pills didn’t work.

Anant comes there and says to his family that he woke up late today. Kanak says to Radhika that seems like Anant drank that coffee instead of Gehna. Anant receives call for job interview. Radhika says to him that she will drop Gehna in her examination centre. Jamuna tells Gehna to do well in her exam. Anant remembers Radhika seeing the interior design of the office cabin. Anant learns that he was already selected for the job from Manager and signs on the appointment letter.

Radhika stops the car in the middle of the road and lies to Gehna that saying it’s not working. Anant learns that Gehna didn’t reach the examination centre yet and tells her to leave from there as soon as possible. Radhika again tries to start the car and says to Gehna that it’s not working still but when Gehna touched something the car started working. Anant comes there with his bike and Radhika apologize to him.

Anant says to her that his first priority is that he has to drop Gehna in the examination centre so he will send mechanic for her and asks Gehna to sit on his bike and tells her to hold him tightly because he is going to drive fastly. Radhika tells Kanak that she thinks Gehna suspects her in car issue. Kanak shows Anant’s rejection video to Radhika and says to her that Anant regretted for telling Radhika to leave the house last time so he won’t repeat his mistake again.

Gehna pleads the Officer to let her give exam and starts writing. Radhika and Kanak celebrates their victory. Officer asks the students to submit the papers. Gehna pleads him to give extra time. He goes to arrange the papers without saying anything and refuse to accept Gehna’s paper. Anant mixes Gehna’s paper with other papers and runs from there with Gehna.

Tiya asks Gehna about her exam. Gehna says to her that she did well and she will work hard for other exams too. Anant reaches his Boss’s house for dinner and shocks learning that Radhika is his Boss’s wife. Gehna greets Vineet. Radhika says to Anant that she doesn’t know that he got job in her office. Gehna thinks something is wrong.

In the upcoming episode, Kanak will tell Radhika to execute the plan. Gehna will break the photo frame by mistake and Vineet will insult her.

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