From Vansh lying to family about Riddhima’s death to Riddhima challenging Vansh to find her secret: read to know what happened this week on Voot’ Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Weekly Update

This week begins with Vansh imagining Riddhima in front of him. She asks if he hasn’t killed his wife Riddhima mistaking her for an imposter. Vansh shouts that she can’t be Riddhima and is determined by the real Riddhima. Sia is missing and cries holding her photo. Vyom phones Sia. She tells him that Vansh killed Riddhima which shocks Vyom. When Vyom cuts the call, he finds Vansh at his place. Vansh confronts him and asks Riddhima’s whereabouts. Vyom says that he himself killed his wife. Vansh tells him the one who has died isn’t Riddhima, but his wife, who is Riddhima lookalike. Vyom stays firm in his version. Vansh leaves with the determination of finding the truth. Sia shares with Ishani about her feelings for Vyom. Ishani gets excited. Sia says that Angre loves Ishani very much and advises her to give him a chance. Vyom visits Dadi. The latter slaps him and asks him to get out. Vyom gets clueless and asks what his mistake is. Vansh reveals that he got the diamonds and the rifle from his house. Later Vyom comes to Dadi. He threatens dadi that he will reveal the role she played in the game between his dad and Vansh’s dad, then her family will hate her. Dadi gets scared.

Late-night Vansh goes somewhere. He sees Riddhima tied up to a chair. She shouts and asks Vansh to leave her. Vansh remembers how he fooled Aryan with Riddhima’s fake death. A FB shows. Vansh says to Angre he has to shoot Riddhima if Aryan fails. He gives a dart to Angre and asks to shoot Riddhima with it before him. It will slow down Riddhima’s pulse, so that Aryan believe Riddhima is dead, He then loaded a special pullet, which contains red pullet which will come out like blood, when he will shoot Riddhima.

Vansh questions Riddhima. Riddhima keeps saying she’s Riddhima. They argue and Vansh leaves. Later Riddhima asks Angre whether he doesn’t trust her as well. She says that she chose him for Ishani because he’s loyal and can never hurt or disrespect any woman. Angre gets confused with Riddhima’s talk. He leaves after receiving a call. Later Ishani recalls Sia’s advice and gets romantic with Angre.

Vansh comes to Riddhima. He unties her hands for a while as she says her hands are painting Angre murmurs to Vansh that she could be the real Riddhima. Vansh asks Riddhima to prove she’s his wife. Riddhima tells him about their first meeting. When Vansh is still not convinced, she tells him about a particular night that they spend together with details which shocks Vansh, yet he doesn’t trust her and leaves asking Angre to tie her up.

Later, Vansh realizes that the CCTV camera isn’t working and he tries to fix it. That Angre comes there. Vansh is shocked seeing Angre as he didn’t call him. He then notices someone in the CCTV and rushes to Riddhima with Angre.

Vyom meets Riddhima. He unties her hand so that she can run away. However, Riddhima doesn’t want to escape until she gets the black box and completes the deal. She asks him to leave after tying her hands up again. Vansh and Angre come to her. Vansh asks Riddhima who has come to rescue her. Riddhima says no one. Vansh doesn’t believe her and repeats his question and she gives him the same answer. Other hand Dadi imagines Vyom blackmailing her. He says that when her truth will come out, no one in her family will respect her. Dadi wakes up startled from sleep. She gets up and falls unconscious. Angre informs Vansh about Dad’s health, and Vansh rushes to Dadi. Dadi falls asleep talking with Vansh.

Ishani does Sia’s makeover and persuades her to go to meet Vyom taking Vansh’s car. Vansh phones Angre to know who had called him home. However, Angre doesn’t know because it’s a private number. Vansh gets suspicious of Kiara since he saw her in front of his secret room. He goes to her room and checks her phone.

Ishani hands Vansh’s car key to Sia to go to meet Vyom. However, Vansh fails their plan and prevents Sia to go out. He locks her inside the room. Later Vansh goes to Riddhima. She asks him for water. Vansh asks her to drink a green liquid. Riddhima tries to avoid drinking it, but Vansh urges her. Riddhima drops the bottle angering Vansh. He holds her neck. They both fall. Riddhima kisses him to prove that she’s Riddhima. Vansh moves away. He recalls Riddhima kissing him before, and angrily leaves.

Vansh is talking to Riddhima in the CCTV footage. He asks why he betrayed her. Aryan hears him. Vansh gets a call that Sia isn’t home, and leaves. Aryan checks the video, and learns Riddhima is alive. He thinks of informing Dadi. Vansh comes to Anupriya, who informs Vansh Sia hasn’t returned home yet, and she’s not answering her calls. Vansh calls Sia, but she declines his call.

Sia goes to Vyom’s place. He’s surprised to see her there. He asks her to go back home as it’s too late. However, Sia is in no mood to leave. Vyom understands it, and plays a tune he made for her. Other hand Aryan takes Dadi to Vansh’s secret room to show Riddhima’s video footage, but he can’t find the video. He says Vansh deleted it smartly. Vansh comes there. He says that Aryan saw him shooting Riddhima, and he himself declared her death after checking the pulse. Aryan angrily leaves from there. Dadi asks Vansh if Aryan is telling the truth. Vansh says that Riddhima is alive in his memories.

Later Sia comes back home late. Anupriya and Vansh question her where she has gone. Sia refuses to answer and says that they have to get used to it which shocks Vansh.

In the late-night, Vansh dreams about Riddhima. He wakes up and goes to check on Riddhima. Morning Aryan gets a message from a person, who promises to tell him Riddhima’s whereabouts. Aryan leaves taking his gun. Kiara watches him. Kiara goes to Vansh and reveals that someone has reached his secret and will expose him. Other hand Aryan reaches the place where Riddhima is kept. He holds up the gun at Riddhima. He tells that Vansh fooled his family, he will kill Riddhima, and take her dead body to Dadi. Angre comes there. He warns Aryan to drop the gun. Riddhima kicks Aryan. Angre holds Aryan and alerts Riddhima to escape. Riddhima runs. Aryan is after her. He shoots her, but Angre takes the bullet and dies saving Riddhima. Aryan is looking for Riddhima with a gun in hand, but he can’t find Riddhima.

Angre meets Vansh, and it’s revealed that Vansh had planned Angre’s fake death, and he’s the person, who texted Aryan about Riddhima’s whereabouts. He discloses to Angre that he got to know that she’s his Riddhima and he did all drama to make Riddhima feel guilty, and confess the truth.

Another hand, Aryan tells Dadi, and their family Vansh faked Riddhima’s death. Just then Riddhima comes there shocking everyone. Dadi aims rife at Vansh, and questions him. Vansh and Riddhima turn the table and accuses Aryan. Vansh says that he killed the imposter Riddhima, and was searching for the real Riddhima. Riddhima says that Aryan kidnapped her, and when he got to know that his truth will get exposed, he tried to kill her, but she somehow escaped from him. Vansh seconds Riddhima and says he got doubt on Aryan, when he accused him of Riddhima’s kidnapping, and asked Angre to keep an eye on him, and like that he finds out Riddhima’s whereabouts. Aryan shouts they’re lying. He shoots Vansh, but he gets saved as it’s a fake gun. Dadi slaps him and asks him to get out.

Riddhima feels guilty and cries. Vansh comes to her and makes her feel more guilty saying Angre would have been alive if she had told him the truth before itself. Riddhima is about to tell him the truth but stops remembering Vansh didn’t get hurt, when Aryan shot him, and asks how it’s possible. She wants to confirm if Angre had really died, and leaves from there.

She comes to the place where Angre got shot and finds a fake blood packet. She understands Vansh’s plan. Vansh comes there. She confronts him. Vansh asks her to tell what happened during the 6 hours when he was unconscious. She refuses to tell him, and challenges him to find the secret.

Riddhima meets Vyom, and says that Vansh is determined to find her secret, and if that happens everything will be ruined. Vyom asks her to chill. He says that they two only know about the secret, and they both won’t tell Vansh about it. Riddhima says that there’s a third person, who knows about it. The weekends with Kabir shouting Riddhima and saying that Vansh will punish her if he learns her secret.

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