Gathbandhan: What Shocked Dhanak?

Next in Colors TV show Gathbandhan Dhanak will be shocked after learning Raghu has planned against Twade.

Dhanak plans to join hands with Mai to prove Raghu innocence. Dhanak and Mai go to pani puri shop and compete against each other. The duo spends moment together without a fight. Later, Mai and Dhanak plans against Twade and go to his house with a hidden motive. Twade calls Mai and asked whether she reached or not, Mai ask him to open the door.

Mai and Twade make a plan against Dhanak and her family. Dhanak over hears their talk. Mai deals with Twade for his son sake and takes away gold bars from Twade to execute their plan. Dhanak and Mai gets happy thinking the trap for Twade is ready. They both come home together and Raghu gets shocked seeing them. Mai and Dhanak pretend that they are still enemy of each other.

Well, viewers in the upcoming episode will witness, Raghu will go to Tawde’s house and will get shocked seeing gold bars. He thinks he will trap Twade through this. There, Mai brings her gang to Tawre’s house to do his work. Later, Dhanak will panic when she will learn that Raghu has planned to steal Tawde’s consignment boxes and has planned something against Twade.

What Dhanak will do next, how Mai will help Dhanak and what plan Raghu has made to trap Twade? Well, for all the answers don’t miss watching Gathbandhan, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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