Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas Ki: Harman plans a surprise birthday party for Saumya

Next in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki will see Harman will plan to kidnap Saumya to celebrate her birthday.

So far Saumya parted her ways with Harman thinking society will not except their relationship thus decides to stay in her own world leaving Harman. Otherside, Harman dreams of Saumya and romances her in his dreams. Harman once again gears up to bring back his lady love.

Raavi and Sindhu suggest a kidnapping plan to Harman. Harman denies but gets agree to kidnap Saumya.

Meanwhile, Shanno overhears their talk and plans to fill Preeto. Preeto thinks of plan to get rid of from Saumya. There, Saumya saves Vedant’s life and he argues with her for saving his life and warns her not to cross his ways. He fights with Saumya for money.

Well, what next, it seems there will be new entry in Saumya’s life after Harman but is it for good or bad little hard to say anything now.

Ahead, Preeto will meet her lawyer and plans to fake Harman and Saumya’s signature on divorce paper. Here, clueless Harman will do birthday preparations for his ladylove Saumya.


Rajat talks to Harman and suggest him to give divorce to Saumya. Harman says to him that Saumya is just upset with him and he is waiting for her anger to melt and can wait for her whole life. Rajat smiles and goes from there.

Meeting ways for HAYA will not be easy this time, as Saumya becomes Guruma and other eunuch won’t allow her to restart her married life because of the oath. Also Vedant’s entry too will spice up Harman and Saumya’s life.

Well, before so much drama Harman will kidnap Saumya on her birthday and it will be interesting to watch her reaction.

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