Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th December 2020 Written Update: Bhavani calls Guruji to finish the ritual of changing bride’s name.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th December 2020 Written Update on

Ashwini brings tea for everyone. Pakhi is surprised to see her parents. They tell Bhavani called them for tea. Sai and Virat also comes down. Guruji comes to visit. Bhavani says on last ritual is left so I called Guruji. She tells Ashwini you forgot one ritual where Groom will change his wife’s name. She asks Guruji to suggest a letter.

Guruji suggest J,K and D. Everyone suggests names like Jwalamukhi,Dabang for her. Bhavani asks Virat to choose a new name. Sai tells my name won’t change,this is my father’s identity given to me. She tells this is not just a name it is my father’s love.

Bhavani says you told rituals are family’s betterment. She tells everyone fulfils this ritual. My name used to be Chandrakala,your aai name was Sandhya,Sonali’s name was Madhuri and Karishma’s name used to be Sweety. Sai asks why Pakhi’s name was not changed. Mansi says because her husband left the day after marriage so we couldn’t complete this ritual. Bhavani says in this ritual it is husband’s decision,she asks Virat to write Sai’s new name in rice plate.

Sai thinks what does Virat think of himself,he didn’t thknk of me while I kept listening to all the taunts of his family. Ashwini asks Sai to have a look at her new name. Virat says name is one’s identity and only she has write to change it. I respect Sai’s decision and no one is going to force her to change it. Sai thanks Virat. Sonali tells Omi why does Sai want to be a doctor she should be a lawyer she will be a top lawyer as she is arguing so much. Pakhi’s father asks for Bhavani’s permission to take Pakhi with them for a few days.

Bhavani allows them to take her but Pakhi says she doesn’t want to leave Mansi alone now. She tells I won’t leave my family alone now. Bhavani praises her and says they are lucky to have a daughter in law like her. Devyani asks Sai to play with her. She says everyone tells me like this only but no one plays with me. Sai says I will play with you. Devyani drags her to garden to play with her.

They play and have fun. Devyani says my aai always keep scolding me. She tells I used to be a big girl but now I am a small child. Sai asks I used to go to college but I don’t remember what happened. Devyani says she remembers something about hospital and medicine. Ninad and Omi scolds her and ask her to stay away from Devyani. Omi scolds Sai but Devyani tells Sai is very good not like you. Sai is very good not like you who always keeps scolding me. Virat takes Sai with him. Omi tells Ninad we have to inform Vahini about this. Bhavani is tensed as she can’t find her medicine.

Omi tells Bhavani that Sai was talking with Devyani and asking what happened with her. Bhavani says Sai will never be this family’s daughter in law. This family’s secret should remain secret for her. What if She comes to know of Devyani’s secret? Omi tells Don’t you think Karishma is a better daughter in law. Sai maybe bad but she is not like Karishma. It is better not to compare them. She tells them Devyani’s secret should never come out in front of Sai.

Precap – Chavan family’s ladies are cooking. Ashwini asks about whereabout of Pakhi. Sai says last night she came to take medicine for headache. Karishma asks did she leave after taking medicine. Sai tells them she got angry at me and Virat and then left.Virat tells Pakhi maybe we should visit a doctor Pakhi tells him there is no need for you to worry about me.

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