Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th December 2020 Written Update: Sai and Pakhi get mad at each other.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th December 2020 Written Update on

Ashwini thanks to God everything finished well she asks Sai to go to her room. Sai says she is glad finally she will get rid of this heavy Saree. Karishma and Shivani tease Sai. Pakhi is shocked to see decorated room of Sai for first night. Ashwini tells Virat and Sai to take rest. All off them leave,Pakhi remembers Virat’s promise and is about to leave. Virat follows her but Sai asks him where is he going. Pakhi congratulates Virat for first night and a new beginning. Sai says she wants to sleep and asks Pakhi to leave. Ashwini brings turmeric milk for Ninad. Ninad shouts angrily at Ashwini,he asks you did what you wanted to do.

Ninad says she may be Virat’s wife but she will never be this family’s daughter in law. Ashwini says like me? But I will not let anything such happen to Virat and Sai. Ninad ask did you ever try to know what is wrong in our relation? Ashwini says how can be something wrong in our relation as we don’t have any relation. 28 years of marriage I never got respect or love. Ninad says I am trying to clear misunderstanding. Ashwini tells I won’t let any of this happen with Sai. Sai thinks where should I sleep.

Virat asks Sai to sleep on bed only there is enough space for two. Virat tells her he knows the marriage is a deal and he tells Sai not to worry as he knows his limits and he will never cross it. Sai thanks Virat. Pakhi remembers Virat and Sai taking care of each other and starts crying. Sonali tells Omi to sleep,Omi asks what is wrong. Sonali says I am worried Sai doesn’t make Karishma like her. I hope Karishma doesn’t open her mouth like her. Omi says in front of Sai even Vahini is quiet.

Sonali says even I am surprised how is Sai handling Bhavani vahini. Virat thanks Sai for understanding Bhavani’s importance for him. He tells her no one know what and whom you will do. He says Kamal sir was right he used to say you are very good at heart neither will you do wrong nor let wrong happen with anyone. Virat says Kamal sir’s last wish was I take care of you even if I was not married to you as it is my duty. He says because of this duty he wants Pakhi to guide her.

Sai says why do think I am not mature? I don’t want Pakhi to guide her. He asks whats wrong with her? Even today when I tried to talk with her you asked her to leave so disrespectfully. Sai says if you want to talk to her go and talk whole night. She sees a lizard and falls back scared in Virat’s arms. Virat asks her what happened she says there was a lizard. They share a laugh afterwards.

Virat asks I did not know a angry young women like you would be scared of a lizard. Pakhi knocks and asks medicine for headache. She is shocked to see lipstick marks on Virat’s shirt. She tells Virat you are not just a liar but also a cheater. If you can’t keep promise why did you make one. She shows everything is clear and shows lipstick mark to him. Sai asks Pakhi it’s too late and go and sleep. Virat tells Pakhi not to feel bad at Sai’s word. Pakhi says she may fool others and you but not me she is very clever. Pakhi leaves angrily. Sai gets angry too and throws things around.

Precap – Bhavani says till today all girls coming to this house changed their names even you have to complete this ritual. Sai says I can’t do this as it is not just a name but my father’s love and it going to stay with me till my last breath. Bhavani asks Virat to write his wife’s new name in a plate of rice.

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