Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th December 2020 Written Update: Virat takes cares of Sai later.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th December 2020 Written Update on

Sai says what is the problem if I was talking with Devyani. Sai says you scolding me everytime wasn’t a part of the deal. Virat tells aren’t you taking deal toof much. He tells her when she talks about her past she gets sad and I don’t want to get her sad. You are obviously a part of this family but don’t poke nose in matters which has nothing to do with you. Ashwini asks Sai to chop vegetable and prepare dinner. She asks Karishma to wash utensils. Karishma tells to ask Pakhi as she is free. Sonali agrees with her.

Ashwini asks Sai if she knows where is she. Sai says maybe she is sleeping,last night she came to our room to take medicine. Karishma says it was your first night. Sonali ask did she leavef after taking medicine. Sai says no she got angry on me and Virat and thn left. Bhavani informs them Pakhi isn’t well. Virat comes to Pakhi’s room and asks her how is she feeling. He gives her medicine and offers to take her to doctor. She thanks him for medicine and asks him to leave as his wife maybe waiting for him. Pakhi tells sometimes the heart is ill and I will get used to it.

Virat tells I am always be there near you as a friend. He tells her whatever you saw is a misunderstanding. Pakhi tells everytime you clearly give an explanation and I believe you. Virat tells Samrat will return and with that your hapiness too. Pakhi doubts if she will ever be happy again. She thinks maybe Samrat will return but her hapiness won’t ever return. Sai is hoping for a good result and preparing her file of documents. She gets tensed as she can’t find her marksheet. She climbs on a chair to take her suitcase and is about to fall but Virat holds her.

Virat asks her if she didn’t sleep? She says can’t you see I am doing some work. Sai says what is your problem with me I am not awake alone even Pakhi didi is alone. Sai tells him to eat food and says you can’t take care of yourself but you will give medicine to others. You went to give her medicine shall I bring them for you know?

Sai said I don’t have any problem with you. Go and talk with her in her room not in my room. Virat says why are you acting so jealous? Sai asks him not to shout or his best friend will come asking What happened Virat is everything ok? And Pakhi comes in saying the same. Virat ask Sai to stay in her limit. Pakhi asks Sai,are you fighting because Virat came to see me? Sai asks why did you come running? Maybe we were fighting.

Husband and Wife keep fighting. Will you come running like this every night? Sai continues mocking Pakhi. Sai tells I am not afraid of telling the truth. Virat asks both of them to shut up. Pakhi says I never saw anyone repeating the same thing. She asks Virat to stop coming to her room and leaves. Sai thinks at night if she told too much to Pakhi. She prays to God as only 3 days are left for her entrance result. She can’t fall asleep. She tells Virat has headache. Virat asks her why does she shout so much? Sai tells I don’t remember the name of my medicine.

Sai tells I will stay in hostel so that I won’t interfere in others life. Virat presses her head and applies balm. Virat asks Sai to stay quiet for a while. Sai tells him whenever I had headache my father used to do champi and tell me stories about his caes. Virat tells he is not as great as Kamal sir but even he has some stories but she has to shut her mouth if she wants to listen to them. Pakhi remembers everyone telling her Virat has moved on and she should do the same.

Precap – Sai leaves angrily with her pillow to Usha moushi’s room. Karishma watches her. Virat tells Sai if she sleeps her today thn from next day that will be her room and she has to stay there only.

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