Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th January 2021 Written Update: Sai brings out Amay’s truth in front of everyone.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Bhavani tells Shivani’s action bought disgrace to our family. Karishma agress with her. Sai tells you are absolutely right,neighbour aunts asked me are you the new daughter-in-law in of Chavan family? She stopped me and told me Omkar’s new daughter-in-law always keeps criticising others and she doesn’t seem so educated. Karishma asks her who talked about her like this?

Sai asks her first you tell me who told you about Shivani ? First I will ask her how dare she insult Chavan family’s daughter and than I will tell you who insulted you. Karishma thinks Sai is really intelligent she caught my lie so easily,she thinks I will definitely take revenge by forcing you out of this house. Sonali asks first you tell us who used our name? Sai tells no one can talk about Shivani bhua like this. Virat tells Sai to apologise and finish the matter.

Bhavani,Ninad and Omkar agrees and asks her to say sorry. Sai’s phone starts ringing and she leaves. Bhavani tells your wife gave us wound with her words but now when she had to apply medicine of sorry she left. Bhavani scolds Shivani.

Amay is waiting outside Chavan Nivas with his car. Sai gets in his car,she thanks him for coming so early. Amay tells I couldn’t even believe if you are a reality or a dream. Bhavani and Sonali tells just like two thieves support each other now to shameless people are supporting each other. Shivani tells Sai is calling maybe because she reached Amay. Shivani puts the phone on speaker. Amay tells I never cared about Shivani. Bhavani tells how mannerless Sai is,Shivani tells she is acting with her.

Amay asks about Sai’s father’s money. Virat tells Sai is lying to Amay,Sai tells Amay to give the EMI and return Shivani’s money from her jwellery. Sai asks Shivani was telling me that you begged to her for money. Amay tells Shivani herself offered to pay my downpayment and EMI,she gifted me ring and phone. Amay tells she dies on my looks and style but I was never interested in her,I was just pitying her.

Sai tells you guys met online,she even showed her chats to me. Sai asks him to close Shivani’s chapter, she asks Shivani to come outside the house. Sonali tells Sai should become a film director she would work well.Amay hands ring,phone and downpayment of car. Sai comes there and tells I told all this to him. She tells I told you and believed it all? Sai tells Shivani didn’t steal any money,she can keep 50 servants like you.

Amay asks you lied to me? What was all that you told me? Sai calls him greedy,do you think you will keep fooling my aunt and not even your wife will find out? She calls his wife to come out. Sarita comes there angrily. Sai tells I found her online and invited her here to find out your truth. Flashback shows Sarita apologised to Shiavni for blaming her.Amay tells Sarita all of them are lying,Sarita shouts at him. Sai slaps Amay.

Precap – Amay is about to slap Sai back but IPS Virat comes there to stop him. Sai tells everyone keeps taunting me that my father taught me nothing? But my father taught me to raise my voice and support whenever a girl is being disgraced. Bhavani asks Shivani to do whatever she wants to control Sai,she will support her fully.

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