Imlie 13th January 2021 Written Update: Imlie and Aditya performed marital rituals

Imlie 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Imlie and Aditya getting ready to perform all kind of rituals. She gets ready and is watching Aditya from the corner of her eyes. She looks at him and slightly smiles. They are performing all kinds of rituals together though Aditya is least interested.

.Meethi is performing the rituals with them while Aditya is feeling irritated and annoyed with everything around him but is keeping mum. While Anu comes inside the Tripathi Nivas and is angry with the honeymoon cancellation. She asks him why are you doing this drama and this is my in-laws house. She said today for the first time I want to make something for my family members and you made a huge issue out of it for no reason. She asks Malini to go to Pagdandiya with Aditya to have a check on him. She gets shocked and says what will I do by going there since Aditya is in that place for an important assignment.

.The family members of Aditya came and asks Dev we know that you like samosas and we are making that for you. Dev asks Nidhi again if her hand is fine, she says this is such a small wound and nothing is serious here. This is not a big thing considering the fact of working in the kitchen daily. Anu says to Malini that I have booked your tickets and your train is scheduled within 4 hours from now.

Aditya’s family members excluded them to have their discussion and leaves from there after keeping the food and beverages on the table. While on the other hand Imlie and Aditya are performing their post marital rituals in the Pagdandiya style. While Aditya is least interested to perform the rituals and he is just doing it for the sake of Imlie and to go out of this village without any problem this time, Imlie is enjoying the entire process with him and is smiling slightly because somehow she has started to accept the marriage and him as her husband as well.

Back in Delhi, Malini says to her mother that even before marriage you used to doubt Aditya and I have always supported that nature of you while being in that house. But now the situation is different, I am married and he is my husband. What do you want that I always go after him in his outdoor projects leaving all my work behind? In the village, Meethi asks for their gatbandhan and nupital chain but Imlie says I didn’t bring both of that because I was not aware that you are going to do all these rituals with us. Aditya says who carries such stuff with themselves and asks her to complete all the rituals as soon as possible.

Meethi says you shouldn’t leave your nupital chain behind and complete the rituals with the help of the priests. Satyakam says to Aditya he is going to arrange stuff and later he will come to take him away for the meeting coverage. Here Anu leaves from Tripathi Nivas with Dev after asking her to take care in her marriage and Malini feels worried. Imlie is asked to dance in the rain but she feels less interested and wishes that once he leaves Pagdandiya, I hope he never comes back.

Precap – Malini calls Aditya and asks about the sound of celebration and he says someone marriage possession is going on and someone calls him brother-in-law from behind and Malini gets shocked.

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