Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th January 2021 Written Update: Bhavani tells Pakhi to teach a lesson to Sai anyhow.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Shivani has been cheated in love so you took advantage of her to fulfill your expensive needs. Pakhi asks Sai what was the need to create such scene outside the house. Sonali and Bhavani tells we were never so insulted. Sai tells he did so much wrong with Shivani and still none of you are thinking about her. Sai tells you took money from her and you went after her for money. Sarita slaps Amay and tells Shivani punish him however you want.

Shivani tells Amay to speak up now. She tells who sent me request? Who used to call me daily? You used to cry and beg for car that is why I bought it for you. Shivani slaps him too. Amay is about to slap her back but Virat holds his hand. Virat tells I don’t take law in my hand otherwise I would have broke your hand. Virat tells let’s go to police station. Amay falls on his feet and tells I will lose my family and job please don’t arrest me. Shivani tells he broke my heart don’t leave him.

Virat tells love is so pure because of guys like you now because of you my aunt will never be able to trust anyone. Sai tells if Shivani bhua has true love in her destiny she will find it. Sai tells my father taught me what no one in this family has learned. She tells I have learned to respect ladies. Ashwini tells today Sai did what you elders couldn’t. Amay apologies to Sarita and Shivani. Policemen arrest him. Virat tells him to return Sai’s jwellery. Amay returns everything back. Sarita tells sorry to Shivani and returns her chain. Sai tells now your husband’s truth is out.

Virat asks Shivani to come to police station with him to lodge FIR. Ninad tells Sai hasn’t apologised to all of us yet. Sai tells I am not at all sorry. Sai packs her bag hurriedly as she is late for college. Ashwini hugs her and asks her if she is from Gadchiroli or from Jhansi? She tells I am proud of you but today Virat also got angry on me and shouted on me. Sai tells her I am sorry because of me everyone taunts you. Why do you bear so much for me? Ashwini tells your tongue is like chilli but your heart is sweet like Imarti.

Ashwini tells today Virat talked to me like this for the first time. Sai tells my father would have been very happy to meet you today. She tells let Virat return I will scold him. Karishma is going somewhere. Bhavani stops her and asks her to hold ears. Karishma does so. Bhavani asks her to do sit ups and asks everyone to eat.

.Shivani brings chocolate for Devyani and tells her Sai helped me she is very good she helps everyone. Sonali asks why is Karishma being punished? Bhavani tells she lied and Sai got to make fun of us. Pakhi tells Sai went to college after creating such a scene. Bhavani tells I am angry because Sai caught her lie. Karishma thinks of taking revenge from Sai. Bhavani gives free hand to Pakhi and tells her to try anything and teach Sai a lesson.

Precap – Devyani tells I don’t know where is my husband and small baby. Sai decides to find out about it if this is true.

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