Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th December 2020 Written Update: Ashwini has to listen to everyone’s taunt at house.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th December 2020 Written Update on

Usha tries to stop Sai and asks her what was the need to create such a scene. Usha asks why do we neet to go out? She tells this is our family. Sai says I am not going to listen to them. Usha says they may be worried that we might get lost. Sai said relations are from heart not rituals. Usha tells if you don’t tell me I will go to Gadchiroli. Sai gets into a cab Usha joins her. Ashwini looks at her. Pakhi brings tea for Virat.she tells Sai behaved very bad today.

Virat tells I couldn’t understand why she was not telling us. Pakhi tells you have to stop fulfilling all her wishes she asks him to forget Sai. She asks him not to think about Sai but about proving himself innocent. Sai reaches police headquarters and tells Usha I am going to complain to Virat sir’s senior and tell them everything about their family’s treatment.

Omi asks Sonali to stay quiet. Bhavani says this house already had useless Daughter in law that Virat brought her. Ashwini enters house asking what didi Sai do why did she leave angrily? Bhavani says Virat married and we all are suffering. She left without telling anyone with that servant. Pakhi tells the daughter in law you respected so much you should have seen her disrespecting Bhavani and Sonali today. Bhavani says you always keep taunting others daughter-in-law.

Ashwini says I don’t taunt Pakhi I just want to respect her relations limit. Ashwini tells Sai is big mouth but she is good heart. Ninad tells Virat is my son and he is destroying his life after her. Ashwini asks all daughter-in-law to be treated equally. All of you give all love to Pakhi. Bhavani asks if your daughter-in-law respects you so much why didn’t she tell you or are you also hiding from us.

Sonali tells Ashwini your daughter-in-law doesn’t listen to you. Sunny asks what’s going on. Karishma says maybe she went to complain about Virat as they had a fight last night. Sai tells she wants to meet DIG as she has to tell something important. She asks Usha moushi to wait outside and goes in to meet him. She tells him I am Sai Joshi I topped in entire Maharashtra board in 12th. He asks her what else can I do for you? Sai tells him You know my husband. He is ACP Virat Chavan. She tells my husband is innocent he didn’t forcefully marry me.

Virat tells there was no one to take care of me that is why he took my responsibility that is why he gave me family. She tells Vitthal wanted me to marry hi son Jattab. Sai tells him everything about her Kidnap and how Virat saved her and her father died trying to save Virat. Virat promised to make me a doctor and I came here to prove Virat’s innocence from a crime he never committed. DIG says you are so young weren’t you afraid to come here?

She tells I was afraid about Virat sir. He is very honest. DIG gives her his personal number and asks her to contact him whenever needed. Virat comes to report and is shocked to see Sai there. Sai leaves from there without telling anything to Virat. Everyone at house is worried where is Sai. Karishma tells she has her number and tries to call her but phone rings at home. Sonali tells I think maybe she left her phone intentionally so we can’t contact her. Bhavani says she has innocent face but evil mind. Ashwini says you are all wrong about Sai. Sunny says he couldn’t find Sai anywhere. Pakhi tells Virat is in a very important meeting with his seniors so not to disturb him. Bhavani asks Ashwini where is Sai. Sai comes back. Ashwini asks her worriedly why she left like this.

Precap – Pakhi tells Virat so you finally convinced your wife. Sai says If a husband is trying to take care of his wife why do you have a problem? Sai tells her you should be worried about your husband who is missing instead you have eyes on someone else’s husband.

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