Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th January 2021 Written Update: Pakhi apologises to Virat.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Pakhi tells Bhavani not to worry as Virat might be on his way. She says he will return home tired, who will feed him? His wife might have fell asleep by now. Don’t know why Virat can’t see her insulting his family members. Pakhi tells her Virat will be standing with us very soon. Bhavani tells you are the only one who can make Virat understand and scold Sai for her mistakes.

Pakhi asks her to sleep. Bhavani tells okay let us sleep as we have had enough drama for today. Sonali gives milk for Mohit and Omi to Karishma. Pakhi tells her she is going to read some book and taunts Karishma that she can join her if she wants to. Virat returns home late,Pakhi tells him he is late today. She gives him water.

Karishma watches this and says Intezaar Janab ka aur bahana Kitaab ka, waah waah. Pakhi tells wait I will heat food for you as you might be tired. Virat asks her that she didn’t sleep yet? She tells she was waiting for him.Virat tells her she doesn’t need to do this,he will eat. Pakhi tells him she is sorry for whatever happened in this house for last two days. She tells she misunderstood Shivani,she should have thought about her feelings and she is extremely sorry for that. Virat tells no one has enough courage or status to play with my family,no need to worry. He asks her to sleep. Virat tells he charged Amay and he will be in prison for long time.

Sai is studying and hives silent treatment to Virat for shouting at her in morning. Sai tells I brought Amay and you arrested him,that is your work. Virat asks her why does she always think she is right? Virat tells I think 10 times before doing anything. Sai tells even I think but understand at once so I don’t need to think 10 times like you. Virat tells it is useless to talk with you and accidentally breaks a glass. He tells her you enjoy arguing with me? Sai tells I was studying as you told me to learn to balance. She tells you are not letting me study.

Virat tells as if you will stop if I try stopping you. He tells her to think a little and not create scene everytime. He tells Ashwini always stands with but supporting you today was wrong. Virat tells they cannot understand you,your plans are good but they are in your head. Sai tells I try explaining to them but they don’t understand me. They allowed me to study only when you stood with me so if you were right than how am I wrong today? Virat tells he feels like he is in court room. Bhavani tells now fights have started at night.

Ninad tells can’t you listen to them fighting? Sonali tells Ashwini to go and solve the fight so we can sleep. Pakhi tells she will go and watch what is going on. Pakhi tells Virat hasn’t eaten yet I will take food for him. Ashwini tells I trust my daughter-in-law she might fight with my son but she won’t keep him hungry. Virat tells Sai she has so much ego that she won’t listen to anyone. He tells why does she has to do everything always?

Sai asks him does he think he has done a lot for her? Virat tells Do you want to listen what I did for you? He tells I married you, I saved you from Jattab and brought you here safely,I got you admitted in college but what did you do? You just made me realize every moment that you didn’t love me and didn’t want to marry me. Sai tells what mistake did I do that you are scolding me from morning? Virat tells her why can’t she talk like everyone else? He tells why don’t you think about others?

Virat tells you don’t want to ask me about my day but atleast you can tell me about your day. He tells I thought we will have dinner. Sai tells whatever I did to bring Amay’s truth outside was right and you are scolding me for it. Virat tells I am not like Kamal sir I cannot be great like him. Sai tells you are not even like his nail. Virat tells I respect him as much as you do but you have to see the world outside of his thinking. Sai tells you talk properly with me. Virat tells her or what else? She will leave the house? He asks her to leave.

Precap – Bhavani tells Sai to finish work before going to college. Sai tells she is already worried about test. Bhavani snatches her food plate and tells her to finish work first.

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