Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th February 2021 Written Update: Family members begin taunting Sai on her return.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Will Sai be able to teach Pakhi a lesson?

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 19th February 2021 Written Update on

Sai returns home. Bhavani stops her and asks why is so silent. Ashwini asks how was her lunch? Sai tells she didn’t have lunch. Ashwini asks her if she is okay? Ninad tells Ashwini won’t understand without getting slapped. Sai tells how dare Ninad talk to Ashwini like that?

.Omkar tells Sai not to talk with disrespect with Ninad. Bhavani and Sonali continue insulting Sai. Ashwini tells Sai to ignore them and tell why didn’t she have lunch? Sonali tells Ashwini it seems she keeps supporting Sai to disrespect others. Sai tells Sonali only said she is younger to Ashwini so why is giving advice to her? Karishma tells she is elder to Sai so she can ask her why is she talking to Sonali like that?

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Ninad tells Ashwini is responsible for all misdoings of Sai. Bhavani tells Sai should be grateful of Chavan family. Sai tells they were about to stop her from going to college. Sai says once I get my scholarship money I will return it to Virat sir. Pakhi asks Bhavani to let her go back to her house as she cannot all this fights anymore.

Usha asks Sai to go to her room. Pakhi tells Sai you are the reason for all the fight in this house. Sai tells today everyone enjoyed because of me. They were enjoying when Virat stopped me. Pakhi tells if you are forgetting I asked Virat to leave your hand. She asks Sai if she went to have lunch or something else?

Ashwini asks Sai no need to argue anymore. Karishma tells going for lunch was just an excuse to escape work. Omkar asks why didn’t she have lunch? Bhavani says when Ashwini asked Virat to drop you why didn’t you let him.

Everyone starts Sai questions one after another. Pakhi tells Virat hasn’t touched food yet. Ashwini tells if Virat felt bad he could have stopped her but he did what he learnt from his father since childhood.

Sonali tells Ashwini not to talk anything about Omkar. Pakhi tells we all should have headache because you keep creating scene everyday. Virat tells Sai won’t get food today. He says this a house not a hotel that she will get food whenever she wants.

Ashwini tells Virat how can you stop Sai from having food. Pakhi taunts Virat to forgive Sai and feed her with his hands. Virat stops Ashwini from bringing food for Sai.

Ashwini tells she is hungry from morning and head is paining. Usha tells Virat you are not doing right today. Sai says I did not know I have made this house a hotel but if this was a hotel,I should have had freedom. Sai tells I am not going to eat in this house after today. I will arrange my food. She gives money to Usha and tells her to bring food from restaurant for everyone.

Virat tells Usha not to go everyone. He tells Sai are you forgetting who gave you this money? This is my money so the decision will be mine. Ashwini asks Virat to think at least once before speaking. Bhavani tells Virat is right.

Sai hands Virat all the money he gave her. She tells him to keep his money with himself,she tells I borrowed this money from you and I didn’t knew money lender is going to decide where I can spend my money otherwise I would have never accepted it. Sai tells she will get her scholarship money in two days and till then she is not going to eat in this house.

Precap – Same as last day.

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