Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 21st January 2021 Written Update: Virat apologise to Pakhi.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 21st January 2021 Written Update on

Sai tells Karishma will cut vegetables and Pakhi will grind spices. Karishma asks why do you want Pakhi to grind spices? Pakhi tells I have a lot of other works. She asks Usha moushi to grind spice for Pakhi. Sai taunts her if Usha mousi is the daughter-in-law of the house? She tells I want to learn how to grind spices.

Ninad tells Pakhi is ill,Sai tells even I have fever since last night so Pakhi can do at least this much. Sonali asks are you taking revenge? Sai tells if I could do this work during mahabhoj why can’t Pakhi do this today. Bhavani asks Pakhi to mix in grinder. Sai tells you will tell me you didn’t cook well if Food is so tasty so the spices will be grinded by Pakhi only. Sai says Pakhi has always stood for this family’s prestige.

Ninad asks Virat did you bring this girl from Gadchiroli or mental hospital. Virat asks what is going on and asks Sai what is going on? Sai tells let us finish our job first. Pakhi tells Sai to remember that she is elder to her. Sai replies but she always keeps fighting like kids. Devyani tells Sai is a hero and Pakhi is a zero. Sai tells Bhavani Devyani is this family’s daughter she can sit and eat with us.

Bhavani tells Devyani to leave at once. She tells one who never does work on time is telling others. Virat tells I told you not to work today. Bhavani tells we get angry just by seeing you. Sonali tells leave her in mental hospital. Karishma tells Sai wants Pakhi to grind spices to teach her a lesson. Sai tells I am not taking any revenge we are just following Chavan family’s rules. She asks Pakhi who gave her the right to ask Usha to work for her?

Pakhi tells I never asked her to grind spices. Sai tells Virat is IPS officer and you are asking him to teach how to work? Virat tells like you were teaching Sai that day it seemed you know to grind spices well. Pakhi tells I understood what you wanted to tell,she asks Sai to bring the spices she wants her to grind.

Sai gives red chilli to Pakhi for grinding. Pakhi begins grinding it angrily. Karishma starts chopping vegetables. Sonali tells Sai learn from Pakhi. Sai tells them to look at Pakhi. She asks what should I learn? Sai tells even I was crying that day but my tears were made fun of that day and you all are getting hurt by Pakhi’s tears.

Sai tells I grinded spices for Mahabhoj when I didn’t even know how to do it you have to grind it only for family members. Virat tells Pakhi to get up someone else will do it. Pakhi tells no your wife wants me to do it, I will do this work. Sai tells I just wanted you not to make fun of someone’s pain. Pakhi tells I don’t need help from anyone. Sai tells because of this stubbornness I had to go to college with burning hands she asks Pakhi not to do repeat the same mistake.

Pakhi starts crying. Sai tells even your hands are nazuk and even your hands get burning sensation due to spices. Virat asks Sai to bring ice for Pakhi. He applies ice to Pakhi’s hands. He tells I thought you know how to do all this so I apologise from Sai’s side. Sai tells I grinded more spices than Pakhi that day so no need to apologise to her. He tells you are forgetting I apologised to you from everyone’s side. Bhavani asks what did we do? Virat tells let’s finish this here, he tells Sai to finish cooking fast.

Precap – Sai feeds Devyani. She asks her professor Pulkit about Devyani’s medicines. Flashback shows him roaming on bike with Devyani.

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