Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Virat manages to stop Sai from leaving the house.

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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

Sai tells Usha I don’t want to waste time in explaining now we are leaving this house. Virat asks Sai where is she going? He asks Usha to leave the room for sometime as he wants to talk with Sai alone. He asks Sai again why is she packing? Sai is about to leave from there but Virat holds her hand. Virat asks Sai if her hand is paining? Sai shows her bruise and tells he doesn’t have to worry about her now as she is going to leave the house. Sai tells I cannot stay in the house where my father’s teaching is being insulted daily.

Sai tells today your family might be feeling proud of you. Virat tells he is sorry for what happened and he promises her that it won’t happen again. Sai tells he won’t be able to stop her. Virat tells he made a mistake and he is apologizing genuinely. Sai tells you just showed your true face and it is very scary. Virat tells today was Sunday,you made a plan with your professor and didn’t even inform me. Virat asks Sai not to leave the house in anger. Sai tells you have a heart and it thinks about me? That seems really strange.

Virat tells maybe our truth is different,I have understood that I don’t matter to you but my truth is you matter a lot to me. Sai tells I can’t stay here anymore and you should thanks me because this is what your family wants. Virat tells Sai to please stop and he is sorry. He tells I never forced you to come on the trip,I wanted you to come with me and Pakhi from heart.

Usha knocks on Mohit’s gate. Karishma tells Sai is so proud that she didn’t even eat it. Karishma takes the plate and starts eating. Mohit tells why are you eating it,Sai isn’t going to eat in this house for two days so maybe I can feed her after sometime. Karishma tells tomorrow is Shivratri so I have to keep fast so it’s better that I eat now.

Virat tells he is guilty for his act and that is why he is apologizing. Sai tells you stopped me from eating food. Virat tells I planned to take you out for lunch but you left so even I didn’t have lunch. Virat breaks down and asks Sai not to consider him an enemy,he is a part for her family. Sai starts crying to. Virat asks Sai for one chance to improve his mistake.

Virat tells he will bring food for her and feed her with his own hand. Sai tells him to promise that he won’t ever stop anyone from having food. Virat promises her that it won’t happen again not even in his dreams and apologizes to her again.

.Sai tells so you found a way to to make me agree. He asks your father would also have done something like this. Sai tells he would have never gave me so much pain. Virat tells I can never become like your father,I knew you won’t forgive me.

Sai asks Virat but atleast tell me what were you about to feed me. Virat tells he was thinking what to feed her and he is going to surprise her. Ghum hai Kisi ke pyaar mai plays in BM. Sai wipes tears from Virat’s face and Virat wipes tears from her face and both of them start smiling.

Virat brings candy floss and food for Sai who has fallen asleep on her books. Virat places food on the table looking at Sai. He feeds candy floss to Sai in her sleep. Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi plays in BM. Sai gets excited seeing candy floss and starts eating. She feeds it to Virat too.

Precap – Bhavani tells she feels today something bad is going to happen. Sai asks Pulkit if he wants to come to her house then tell her honestly who is his wife? Pulkit tells Devyani is my wife,today is Mahashivratri and it’s an auspicious day to meet my love.

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