Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 20th February 2021 Written Update: Ashwini tells Virat what he did was completely wrong.

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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 20th February 2021 Written Update on

Sai tells she won’t eat food in this house till her scholarship money comes. Ninad tells when someone makes a mistake she has to be punished. Mohit tells Virat whatever is happening with Sai is wrong. Sai asks Mohit not to worry about her,she tells she is not feeling bad because she is not a member of the family. Mohit tells you are like my younger sister,you fed me that day and today the same is happening with you. I will bring food for you with my earned money, no one has the right on it.

Sonali asks Mohit not to do this. Mohit tells he doesn’t care who will feel bad,he is going to bring food for Sai. Mohit tells Virat what is the use of studying and becoming an IPS officer when he couldn’t even be a good human. Virat tells Mohit not to bring food for Sai today. Mohit tells no one can stop him today.

Sai tells there is someone who cares for her and starts crying. Bhavani tells today I will eat with peace after so many days,I said that day is not far when Virat will stand against Sai. Ninad tells even talking with Sai is a problem. Pakhi tells Virat maybe standing against Sai today but they will patch up again tomorrow. Sonali tells the fire of today’s fight is not going to extinguish soon. Pakhi tells she isn’t hungry. Karishma tells Pakhi how can she eat when Virat hasn’t ate since morning. Bhavani praises Pakhi and prays to God for her.

Devyani gives her chocolate to Sai. Devyani tells you know my husband’s name,please don’t harm him or me. Sai tells I want to bring happiness for you but my hope is finished. Sai asks Devyani who told you that Pulkit is married. Devyani tells Bhavani told me and Ninad bet him lot. Ninad asks Devyani not to talk with Sai and aks her to return to her room.

Sai thinks Pulkit has a small happy family. Virat remembers Sai handing his money to her,he wanted to take Sai for lunch but now he may never be able to forgive her. Pakhi brings food for Virat,he tells why are you bringing food again and again for me. He tells her to leave him alone for some time. Ashwini tells Pakhi to pray for her own husband’s return instead of eyeing someone else’s husband.

Ashwini tells Virat that he misbehaved with Sai today. She tells Sai is still a child but you are matured. You held her hand,I never expected you to behave so low. How are you going to forgive yourself for this? Ashwini tells I am not telling Sai was right but you were definitely right. She tells today you made her realize that the money she has is his. Virat tells she was being stubborn and I got angry. Ashwini tells what about Sai,can’t she get angry?

She tells I didn’t want her to go to professor today but she can get angry to. Virat tells I was worried about her,I did not know anything about that professor. Ashwini tells Sai knows to differentiate from good and bad and that is why she agreed to meet him.

Ashwini tells Sai told you to go with Pakhi to Ladakh and she even apologized to Pakhi when she cancelled the trip. She didn’t ask Pakhi anything neither did she ask you anything. Virat thinks maybe aai is right,I spoke too much.

Sai tells father today I told Virat sir that maybe he is lying about your last words but I know you may have told me but I am going to leave this now. I am never going to forgive Virat for what he did today. Please give me blessings to take care of myself and Usha moushi.

Sai tells Usha,Mohit told me he cannot reply back to his family members but today he fought with everyone for me. Sai takes a bite and tells she can’t eat any more. She tells Usha to pack her luggage,we are leaving this house. Virat overhears her and asks where is she going.

Precap – Virat tells Sai he just wanted to ask if her hand is paining. Sai tells she cannot she stay in the house where her father and his teachings are insulted again and again.

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