Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Pakhi taunts Virat and Sai.

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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

Usha is packing her luggage. Ashwini comes to her room,she gives food to her and asks her to eat. Usha tells how can I cut Sai’s words. Ashwini tells tomorrow everyone will keep fast so take this tiffin. Usha tells if anyone found out they will be angry on you to. Ashwini tells I am not afraid of anyone I just want Sai’s promise of not having to eat for two days in this house to be upheld in front of everyone. Usha tells Sai has made up her mind to leave this house. Ashwini tells how can she leave this house,I will take care of her.

Sai opens the dishes Virat brought for her one by one. She tells Jo ab tak kha rha tha bhaav lekar aya hai bhaaji paav, jo ab tak kar raha tha jhagda lekar aya hai pattice ragda. Gabbar ki ladne ki hai adaat buri isliye lekar aya hai sev puri. Sai tells why did you bring this much food,all of this is my favorite.

Virat tells all this is for you and Usha moushi. Sai asks Virat to eat with her. Virat asks her not to argue and start eating,Sai and Virat start fighting about whom should eat first. Virat decides let us feed each other at the same time. Ashwini watches this from outside and thanks God.

Virat asks why does Sai always keeps being stubborn. Sai tells I am like this only and you have to bear me. Sai tells why didn’t you bring food for other? Virat tells from next time I will bring food for everyone. Sai is about to faint while eating.

Pakhi brings milk for Bhavani. Bhavani tells today Virat is hungry since morning due to Sai and still Ashwini is supporting Sai. Pakhi tells it’s quite late and if Virat doesn’t eat he will get ill. Virat tells you spent all your energy in fighting empty stomach. Sai tells I am eating now so I will get energy. Virat feeds her with his hand.

Sai tells Virat to eat or else he will faint. Virat tells even mother doesn’t feed me with me hand. Sai tells you want to eat from my hands so you can tell me directly what is the need for telling indirectly.

Pakhi enters the room and starts clapping and tells I wished I brought camera and captured it. I just came to call you because we all were worried that you are hungry,if I knew that you brought food from outside and having party I wouldn’t have bothered you. Sai tells what kind of thought do you have? Pakhi tells what did you feed Sai that she learned to answer in one day. Virat tells she is going to answer if someone is going to question her.

He asks Pakhi not to talk uselessly,what is the need to feel so bad for such a small talk. Sai tells it is quite evident that you didn’t like me and Virat sir eating together. Pakhi tells who are you to talk about my feelings? She asks Sai to stay in her limits. Sai tells Pakhi that you are crossing your limits and you have no right to enter our room and comment on our relationship. Can you go to Mohit and Karishma’s room and tell them the same thing?

Sai tells I try a lot not to insult you but you keep taunting me,you are not hurting me but you are just destroying your self respect. Virat tells neither Sai nor I insulted you. You started taunting her and Sai just answered your taunts. Pakhi tells you cannot think beyond Sai now,whatever she does you always stand with her.

Virat tells since when did your memory become weak? I have stood against Sai a lot of times. Pakhi tells you are not my friend and you don’t wish good for me, you are a liar and fraud. Sai tells how can you call him a fraud when he cares so much for you. Pakhi shouts at Sai and asks her to shut her mouth.

Pakhi leaves the room and starts crying and throwing things around in her room. She gets a call from her mother. Pakhi tells maybe I won’t sleep today. She tells I don’t know if I will get any news about Samrat or not. Pakhi asks if she fought with her father and thn solved it?Her mother tells every husband and wife fight and solve it thousand times.

Precap – Same as last day.

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