Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th November 2020 Written Update: Sai and Pakhi meet each other.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 27th November 2020 Written Update on

Pakhi says Virat if you had to break this promise why did you do it. Virat says I just took her complete responsibility,try to understand me. Pakhi says you just married her,she is your wife. She says you are just like the rest. Virat says maybe I can’t make you believe you today but one day will come when you will know that for me your promise and you are really special.

Mohit calls Bhavani Kaku and is about to tell her about Virat’s marriage but Virat takes the phone and tells her we all are coming back tomorrow. Virat tells Mohit and Karishma to not inform anyone about the marriage,tomorrow we will reach home and inform everyone. Mohit says everyone at home knows that you and Pakhi know each other from before than why did you call only Pakhi in marriage,Virat says I will answer everyone.

.Sunny says I am really hungry,Milind says everyone to come for eating. Virat says Sai to come and eat. Sai says I am not hurt as you told me everything clearly but you clearly hurt Pakhi and you should apologize to her. Sai says I will never come between your and Pakhi’s relation. Virat says you have some responsibilities towards my family.

Sai asks why did you tell me not to expect anything from you? Is it because you and Pakhi are just friends. Virat introduces Pakhi and Sai. Pakhi says I know her and congratulates her for topping 12th. Sai says I am not feeling well I will take rest. Sai says Virat sir may have informed you about the situation of this marriage just because my father is dead. Sai asks them to leave as she wants to stay alone.

Sai picks up her father’s potrait and starts weeping. She say’s now even my identity is changed earlier I was your daughter now I am someone’s wife. I don’t know what turn my life will take from here. Sai’s bidai starts and her aunt tells her that now her in laws house is her new family. Pakhi is crying seeing Virat and Sai. Karishma says I am eager to watch the bomb blast at home.

Sai says I have to leave my house because of you all but now I have to leave here. Even my tears have dried now,why are you hurt if I am leaving here today yesterday why were you all so happy? I am angry with you all I dont ever want to see anyone again. Pari comes and asks if you are angry with me too. Sai hugs her and takes flowers from her. Sai says I never want to rememember Gadchiroli.

Pari asks Virat to bring Sai here for her birthday. Virat tells Sai hasn’t eaten anything from last night. Usha says Virat is so worried about Sai and starts crying. Virat says are you not coming with us? Sai may need you as everyone is new there. Usha says how will I go to my daughter’s in laws house. Sai says there is no need for you to come with me.

Precap – Virat reaches Chavan house with everyone. Karishma introduces Sai as Virat’s wife. Bhavani gets angry and asks her not to do such jokes. Virat says this isn’t a joke he married Sai. Aarti ki Thaali falls from Bhavani’s hand and she shouts at Sai to leave here at once now.

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