Lockdown Ki Love Story 27th November 2020 Written Update: Milky frames Dhruv’s parents of false charges

Lockdown Ki Love Story 27th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with policemen informed as per the statement of Milky her father-in-law and mother-in-law, Sheetal tried to burn her alive for dowry. Everyone gets shocked to know her version and Sheetal starts to scream and scold her for being a traitor and a lier. She says Milky is such a selfish girl as we helped her a lot and this is how she paid us back. Nutan is spellbound to see this side of Milky. All are asking Milky why did you do this?

Dhruv comes inside the ward and asks Milky why are you doing this to these people? Sharada says to Milky if this is how you want to seperate Sonam and Dhruv then I am taking away my daughter from here and will reach Mumbai soon. Dhruv says Sonam will go no where and holds her hand. Milky gets angry to see this and her father says to her you are again using a lie to prove your point and winning the bet but it is not possible to do that again and again.

Shashikant says to Dhruv don’t let Sonam go anywhere no matter what. This is nothing but the consequences of the game plan of these people and it has to be like this only. He says if I have to stay in jail and die then I am ready but don’t bow down in front of this and leaves with police officers. The police officers took away Nutan, Sheetal and Shashikant and Dhruv and Sonam goes behind them. Madhu asks Milky why did she lie and Milky asks doctor to vacant her room as she is feeling unsafe from the family people.

Milky says the game has just started from my end now and I will destroy the life of yours Sonam. If Dhruv also don’t bow down and left the wish to be with you, I will ruin him too and no one can stop me. Raghav comes to her cabin and says to Milky there is people who give ‘agnipariksha’ to prove themselves pure and here are you trying to burn yourself for your husband. He says but you didn’t die, you are well doing and safe enough.

Milky says to him if you don’t stop Sonam then she will be in Mumbai by now, Dhruv says don’t raise a finger at me being a worst human being yourself and he made her unconscious. Dhruv goes to meet lawyer and Sonam stays back and prays to God to give her strength to fightback and let her be successful in rescuing the family of Dhruv. Later, Dhruv meets a lawyer who says to him to approach Milky if possible and change her call as these kind of domestic violence cases are mostly in favour of the women.

Dhruv comes back and talks to Milky about their childhood friendship and reminds her all the memories. He says we always kept things among ourselves then what happened today that you are dragging my parents through the mud!! Milky says to him you have the choice to decide to choose your parents and me as your wife for life or be with Sonam and lose your parents for life. You have to take the decision all yourself. Dhruv is shocked to see her being desperate and adamant.

Precap – Dhruv meets another lawyer, Sheetal is asked to give statement by her another brother Shobhakant

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