Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd February 2021 Written Update: Sai is worried about Virat.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd February 2021 Written Update on

Virat tells doctor I will take care of the expenditure you do the treatment. Little girl asks him if her father will be okay soon? Virat asks her to wait for a little time and her father will be fine.

Ninad tells Bhavani this month the expenditure was high. Omkar asks Mohit what is he doing at home ? He tells he quit his house. Mohit tells my senior and manager were really unprofessional they used to make me do all the work so I quit it. Ninad tells you left a job because of drama? Omkar scolds him,Sonali tries to defend Mohit. Bhavani tells when you married Karishma I told you to earn on your own but you just want to enjoy at home instead of working. Karishma tells I do all the work at house so what if Mohit is not doing work why am I being taunted ?

Bhavani tells Karishma to learn from Pakhi how to respect elders. Karishma tells even the elders never taunt Pakhi like they keep taunting her. She says she would have never married Mohit if she knew he keeps quitting job. Sonali tells Karishma to keep quiet,she tells Sai has influenced her. Bhavani tells Mohit if he is feeling guilty or not? Mohit asks #why are they blaming Karishma?

Karishma tells is it a joke to throw her out of the house? She tells there are more than 100 laws to protect women. Omkar scolds her and she starts crying. Pakhi tries to explain to Karishma to tell sorry to everyone. Bhavani tells Mohit I give you only 7 days and if you cannot find a job I will stop your pocket money. Ashwini tells Mohit I know and I believe in you that you can find a good job.

Sai tells today he came to my college and he even lied to me. When our marriage is just a deal why did he need to lie to me? She thinks about Virat caring for her. She can’t understand why is she thinking about Virat again and again.

That little girl is playing games in Virat’s phone and she keeps rejecting Sai’s call. Pakhi taunts Sai that what happened now that Virat is rejecting your calls? Is he ignoring your calls? Sai tells even my father used to cut my calls when he got important callls. Pakhi tells even this thought is good to convince herself. Virat’s phone run out of power. Sai gets worried about Virat so she calls his senior DIG. She asks him about Virat whereabouts. DIG asks her not to worry he will find out about Virat. Pakhi thinks its 2:30,Virat has never been so late.

Sai brings food for Virat at the hospital. Virat asks how did she find out about his location. Sai tells if you are a police officer,I am also police’s daughter so I found you. Virat tells Sai her this little girl’s father’s name is Samrat. Sai tells her father will be well soon and even his brother Samrat will return soon. Sai tells I brought food for you as I know you haven’t ate anything since morning. She tells today you are busy and we cannot break this little girl’s sleep so I will feed you.

Precap – Bhavani tells there is a letter from Samrat’s office. Virat tells he will join Pakhi in Ladakh. Ashwini asks them to book three tickets as Sai will also go with them now.

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