Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd February 2021 Written Update: A letter comes from Samrat’s office.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd February 2021 Written Update on

Virat tells Sai no one has ever fed me like this other than my Aai. Sai tells this means I am like your mother and you are like my father. The little girl wakes up and asks who is she? Sai tells I am his wife,little girl calls her police waali didi. Sai asks Virat why was he cutting her call? The little girls tells she was cutting the call as she was playing game.

Chavan family if worried for Virat. Ashwini tells I will ask Sai where is Virat. Bhavani tells if Sai cared about him she would have been here,it’s so late and still she is sleeping in her room. Virat calls the patient’s sister to take care of Viji.

Virat returns home with Sai. He asks why hasn’t everyone slept yet? Ashwini thanks God. Virat asks why were this worried? Ashwini says Pakhi was so tensed she was telling your phone is off so all of us got tensed. Ninad tells even Virat has forgot about rules. Sai tells what wrong did we do? Virat was busy in his duty so I took food for him. Ashwini tells Pakhi you could have asked Sai,uselessly you created such big tension. Virat tells everyone it is already too late so let us all sleep.

Sai tells I am thinking I will stay awake. Virat tells why do you care if they taunt you,you will reply them and come back to your room. Virat asks her how did you find out I was in hospital? Sai tells first you answer my question,how tall is Aniket? Virat asks why are we talking about Aniket? Sai tells you went to my college to meet Aniket behind my back. Virat denies meeting him.

Sai wears his cap and takes his stick. She tells no matter how smart criminal is they always get caught. She asks Virat to tell the truth. Virat tells her I went to your college,Sai tells him beware before lying from next time. Virat tells he understood and they stare at each other as Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mai plays in BM.

Sai asks why did he lie? Virat tells I went to your college to talk about your college events permission with your dean. Sai asks what did you tell Aniket? I told you everything about him when you asked me. And moreover you went to my college and when I came there you didn’t meet me instead you hid from me. She tells you know very well,I don’t lie and I don’t like listening to Lies. Virat tells Sorry to her,she sleeps angrily and tells DIG sir informed me about your whereabouts.

Sai and Ashwini are cooking in kitchen. Ashwini thanks Sai for taking care of Virat last night.

Omkar and Ninad are discussing India’s victory over Australia. Bhavani tells them there is a letter from Samrat’s office in Ladakh. They are some papers which need Pakhi’s sign so I was thinking to send her to Ladakh. Virat tells maybe it will take time but Samrat will return,I pray to God daily for my brother. Ashwini and Sai brings tea for everyone. Virat tells if it is important for Pakhi to go to Ladakh I will go with her.

Precap – Ashwini tells Virat to book three tickets. Pakhi asks is Sai coming with them to keep an eye on them? Sai tells her to be honest and say won’t she feel hurt if Sai joins them?

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