Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th February 2021 Written Update: Sai tells about her inlaws to Pulkit.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Will Sai be angry on Pakhi again?

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th February 2021 Written Update on

Pakhi thinks Sai will never let this happen. Karishma tells Mohit paper can be sent through courier. Virat tells I will apply for a leave,hope it gets sanctioned. Bhavani asks Virat to take 5-6 days leave,I feel so bad for Pakhi but I know she loves nature so I want her to roam a little her mind will get distracted. Ashwini tells maybe we should send Mohit with Pakhi as he is free now. Karishma tells maybe I can join him,the more the merrier. Sonali tells Karishma to go inside and do work. Bhavani tells Virat will only go with Pakhi. Ninad tells how can you compare Virat and Mohit? It’s a official matter.

Mohit tells I am educated even I can handle it. Pakhi tells I can go alone. Virat tells anything related to Samrat is top priority for me. Sonali tells he is right Shiva can do anything for his Jeeva. Ashwini tells to book 3 tickets,he is married now so Sai will also go with Virat and Patralekha to Ladakh. Sai tells I don’t want to go,

Ashwini tells I didn’t ask you,I am telling you. Sai tells I can’t agree with you this time please don’t get angry. Pakhi asks are you sending Sai with us to keep an eye on me and Virat? Bhavani and Sonali taunt Ashwini for speaking anything. Ashwini tells whose mind is clear don’t trap with words. If I am telling a wife to join her husband what is wrong in that?

Sai tells her education is important and when two educated people are going together why would I want to interfere and ruin their plan? Pakhi stops Sai,and tells you are insulting me again but it is not your fault,I am a fool who made a mistake of coming back to this house. Sai tells why are you getting angry? Tell me one thing will you like it if I join you and Virat on this trip? Tell honestly won’t you have difficulties if I join you in the trip. Virat tells Bhavani he will arrange the trip himself.

Sai tells there is so much traffic now you will be late for police station. She calls Virat Khadoos Jasoos. Virat tells her he is sorry not to taunt him anymore. Sai asks what will be Pakhi’s answer to my question? She asks Virat do you want me to come with you to Ladakh?
Sai asks Virat does he believe in Valentine’s day? She says we can express love everyday. Is it a birthday that we will celebrate only once a day.

Karishma asks Mohit to take him for candle night dinner. Mohit tells Bhavani’s taunt are not finishing and you want dinner? Karishma gets angry and tells why did I even marry you!

Sai asks Virat to drop her away from college entrance. She gives Pulkit’s book back to her. Pulkit asks who all are there in your in laws family? Sai tells more thn a dozen. Pulkit tells everyone is good and praise me a lot. Sai tells actually my marriage is a deal,my husband told me clearly not to expect anything from this marriage as he already gave his heart to someone else. Sai asks is the result of all marriage failure?

Pulkit tells some people love someone else but marry someone else. Sai wonders if she should ask Pulkit about his life. Pulkit tells won’t it be difficult for you to leave this family? Sai tells my mother-in-law is so sweet. She tells my elder sister-in-law is very sweet,I want her to be happy.

Precap – Ankit asks Virat to give rose bouquet to Sai as today is Valentines Day. Pakhi watches picture of Virat giving roses to Sai in Ashwini’s phone.

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