Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th December 2021 Written Update: Virat encounters Sadanand into the woods

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th December 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with policemen ask Virat that why they put tent in the middle of the jungle, how safe is it? Virat tells him that it is the safest palce in jungle and they have to take some risk on themselves. He says that Sadanand was his friend in college so he needs to catch that terrorist. Virat ask his policemen to stay alert as he is coming in a minute. He goes and looks into the jungle he finds fire burning, while a terrorist appears and points gun on him, but cleverly he takes the gun from him and they have a fight, while fighting the mask of the terrorist removes and it is Sadanand.

Virat tells him that he knew he must be there that’s why he came here to meet him but then he pushes Virat as Cirat was going to hug him. But Sadanand holds his hand as Virat was going to fall on the rock. They hug, but Sadanand tells him to go as its useless waiting for him. Virat reminds him of the days they spend together in their college. Virat ask Sadanand to hug him for the sake of their olden days. Sai is getting worried and says that she should call him. The police man gets worried about Virat and says that they should go and look for him. Sadanand and Virat are sitting infront of the fire and they talk to each other.

Sadanand tells him that his wife is very beautiful, Virat share his feelings about Sai to him and tells him in which condition they got married, Sadanand tells him that he is in love. Virat says that he didn’t know whether his wife loves him or not. Sadanand says that he also had a love marriage and she is also like him and also pregnant with their child. Virat says that have he gone mad how can he keep his pregnant wife in the jungle. He tells to Virat that its very important mission for him and he can go any far for this mission. Virat ask him to surrender himslef, he says that he have gone very far and the mission is against thoses bad people. Virat tells him that he is also misunderstanding him, he says that if he have a good mission then they will find out some other ways to handle it.

Policemen calls Virat name, Sadanand misunderstands it and warns Virat that if again they will meet will be like a police and a terrorist. Sada leaves, Virat thinks if Sai would be here he would have shared his feelings with her. Virat tells that the way on which Sada is going its very difficult to bring him back from there. He says that he doesn’t know what tomorrow holds for them, he says that he is scared and wanted to share it with Sai. He says that before doing anything if he loses his life then he cannot tell to Sai that how much he loves him. Sai also prays for Virat and misses him.

The next morning Bhavani looks at the preparation of the Parwa ritual and tell its importance to Ashwini and Sonali. Sonali tells to Ashwini that they should give this responsibility to their bahu. Sai and Pakhi hits each other by mistake, Pakhi ask apology from Sai and ask her how was her first night with Sai. Sai says that she have accepted that she is Virat’s wife and she is caring for her. Pakhi says that its not care its sympathy, Sai says that then she should getore sympathy Samarat came back after a year and they are not still together, Pakhi is angry on her.

Precap-Devyani ask Sai why she let Virat go as she knows it very well that when they seperate something bad happens, while handlinig and trying to calm Devyani, Sai broke her bangles. Virat is driving his car and a bomb blast happens near his car.

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