Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th February 2021 Written Update: Sai finds out little about Devyani’s husband.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Will Sai be able to teach Pakhi a lesson?

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 6th February 2021 Written Update on

Sonali tells Ashwini to cook some nice dishes for Omkar today. Bhavani taunts I know today is Valentine’s day,she tells to cook whatever they wish.

Sai reaches home tired. She looks at the boquet of roses of Virat gave her and places it in a flower vase. Ashwini asks what was she looking at and smiling so much? Sai tells Virat sir gave me this flowers and I love flowers so I kept it nicely. She shows Virat’s picture to her and tells about college incident to her and tells I am so proud of Virat sir today. Ashwini asks Sai to send these pictures to her. Ashwini tells that is why I wanted you to go with Virat to Ladakh and you are his wife so Pakhi has no right to stop you from going with him.

Ashwini’s hand get burned during cooking, Pakhi taunts her that you only told me to concentrate on work. Ashwini tells I was looking at my son and daughter-in-law’s picture. She advices Pakhi to keep her eyes away from Sai and Virat and pray to God for her husband’s return.

Virat returns home with roses and chocolates. He tells I don’t believe in valentines but I brought this flowers and chocolate to spread some happiness. He gives flowers and chocolates to Bhavani. Ashwini tells I know you gave flowers to Sai first. Virat gives flowers to all family members one by one.

Pakhi leaves from there and tells Virat I know you are doing all this to cover up giving roses to Sai in college. Virat tells Sai’s college friend made me do that. Pakhi taunts did her college friends order IPS office Virat Chavan? She asks him not to make excuses. She tells you forgot your promise. She tells Virat to give this flower to his wife only.

Virat tells can I know who told you about this? She tells it wasn’t Sai but why does it matter who told me or who doesn’t. Virat tells her you are my friend and also a member of this family so please take it. Pakhi takes the flowers and leaves from there.

Virat presents a rose to Sai and tells I gave flowers to every family member once. Sai is happy that she got roses twice.

Bhavani tells Pakhi I know you are sad. Pakhi tells her not to worry she is fine. Bhavani tells I know the difference between being okay and telling I am okay. Sonali says all this tears of Pakhi are for Virat. Ashwini tells we all have hope for Samrat’s return. Pakhi tells I was not crying for Samrat. Karishma says she was crying for Virat. Bhavani looks at her angrily.

Devyani is drawing in her room. Virat comes to her room. He tells her brought a gift for her and gives her a chocolate. Sai gives her rose and chocolate too. Devyani tells him your wife is very nice and likes you a lot she is very nice to me. Virat leaves telling he got an important call.

Devyani remembers applying flowers on her head in past. She tells my husband used to apply flower like this only. Sai asks her why don’t you tell your husband’s name to Virat he will find your husband. Devyani gets angry and tells I won’t tell his name. Sai notices Devyani wrote the letter D and P so she thinks his name is from P.

Precap – Sai asks Virat why does he want her to come to Ladakh. Virat tells because he will feel good. Pakhi asks Virat to give his clothes to her she will pack in one suitcase only, she asks if they are going to stay for 2-3 extra days for sight seeing? Sai thinks why isn’t Virat telling her that she is also coming with them.

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