Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th December 2020 Written Update: Sai convinces Bhavani in her own way.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th December 2020 Written Update on

Sai asks Virat if I am hot headed. Virat asks her to prove otherwise. Virat says you couldn’t even stay calm for 5 minutes. Karishma says Sai is looking nice. The guests are talking why did Virat marry a girl so much younger to him.

Virat tells age doesn’t matter if thinking matches. The lady replies it doesn’t matter now but age difference will matter later. Ashwini tells Pakhi to distribute money to poor people and ask them to bless Virat and Sai. Ninad asks Sai to take blessings from all guests by touching their feet. Virat asks Sai to stay calm. Sai says I respect everyone from my heart so I dont think there is any need to touch everyone’s feet. Virat remembers how she refused to touch his feet in the beginning. Bhavani tells Sai is so ill-mannered. Sonali and Omi also taunt Sai for being so open mouthed.

Virat speaks in favour of Sai. Bhavani scolds Sai and tells listening to elders is respecting. Sai tells I don’t even know those people. Sai tells when I came home none of you gave me blessings so why should I take blessings from strangers now. Bhavani tells its not your fault but your father’s who didn’t teach you manners. Sai tells you tell me whatever you want but not about my father. No one has right to speak about my father.

Omi tells Bhavani to leave Sai won’t understand. Sai tells her to stop and asks what right do you have to insult me? What will you teach me about respecting when all you do is disrespect other. Virat says you don’t know Kamal Sir,he was not just her father but he was also my teacher. Sai says if anyone tells ill about my father they will regret it. Virat tells Sai is now my wife please treat her like that.

Sai says if I would have been bad Aai would have problem with me. Ashwini says Sai is very intelligent and I didn’t teach her anything. However you are treating her she is replying back. Pakhi asks Sai to respect the elders.
Sai says we cannot clap with one hand. Sai says Bhavani made a mistake. Bhavani says I am leaving. Virat tells Sai this house will break if Kaku leaves and you now how much she matters to me.

Sai stops Bhavani and tells you are eldest in this house and I will listen to whatever you tell me. Bhavani says it’s no use now I have made up my mind. Sai says if you leave Shivani bhua will take your big bed and Karishma will move to your room she loves it and even if she doesn’t Usha moushi will take it. Bhavani says you guys have eyes on my things. Sai says why does it matter anyway you are leaving.

Bhavani replies I am not going anywhere. Virat and Sunny smiles. Sai jokes and makes Bhavani smile. Virat praises Sai and Sunny makes fun of him. Virat says I am happy with how Sai handled Kaku today she will handle all problems of her life. Ashwini praises Sai and hugs her.

Precap – The ladies of the house bring Sai to bedroom which is decorated for her first night. Pakhi leaves from there and as Virat is about to follow her Sai asks where is he going.

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