Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin: Will Virat and Sai be able to solve the matters?

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With viewers enjoying Sai’s ways to solve the problems of Chavan house but Bhavani and Ninand still hate Sai as she is doing things against their wills. Viewers want to see some bonding between Virat and Sai but with the current track they see that they both are on different sides. Though Virat had supported Sai in supporting Shivani but her method was wrong and the way she talked to family was wrong for Virat but Sai refuses to apologise for the same.

Pakhi taunts Sai how she must have slept and Virat will have to eat alone. Bhavani will tell Pakhi to take care of Virat and also teach Sai good lesson. Here Pakhi will be happy and will greet Virat. Virat will tell Pakhi there is no need for her to do things for him and he will go to Sai. Sai will be studying and will show cold behaviour towards Virat and Virat will argue with her about why she thinks that she is always right. With this nok jhok of Virat and Sai everyone will be unable to sleep.

In the upcoming episodes, Sai will be nervous for her first exams in college and will be in tension. She will eat breakfast just then Bhavani will come and ask Sai to do her work first and then go to college. Sai will say she is nervous for exams so she will do the work in evening but Bhavani will take away her plate and say to do the work first. Sai will be tensed.

Can Virat save Sai this time? Or will Virat be on other side? What is in store for Sai?

Will Pakhi make things difficult for Sai again? Will Sai be helping Devyani?

Will Sai be landing in another problem? Keep following this space for more.