Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Will Devraj and Kavita agree to the rishta?

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Earlier, we mentioned how the transition from Kanikka as Suman to Vidhi as Suman has been tough on the viewers, the makers have now planned their path and are ready to bring the track that was most wanted by all the fans of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2. The track of Suman weds Shravan.

With Shravan being back and Devraj and Kavita realizing how much Suman cares for Shravan, here even Ramesh and Beena have realized how pure Suman and Shravan’s relation is. With Shravan’s explanation to the Tiwari’s, they are now with Suman and support the marriage. Suman will be become happy and think now their marriage will happen but little does Suman knows, there is another hurdle waiting for them. That hurdle is none other than Devraj and Kavita.

Though they got emotional when Shravan explained them his feelings for Suman but they have not said anything about marriage and has been cold on this matter. This will leave Shravan worried. Here, Shravan and Bunty will try to make Rajender talk to Devraj about Tiwaris agreeing and coming to meet them to talk about Suman and Shravan’s rishta. Even then Devraj and Kavita will be neutral. When Tiwaris meet the Malhotras, they will have nok jhoks.

While Suman and Shravan will think that again their marriage topic is going to fail, it will be revealed that both the families were acting to make the situation fun. With this, Suman and Shravan will be the happiest knowing that now they have no hurdle.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see the Malhotras coming to Tiwari house. Ramesh will convey his thoughts about how he wants this new relation to work well. Devraj will also agree. Here Shravan is eagerly waiting for Suman to come downstairs.

Later, Shravan will go upstairs and give Suman a bangle. Suman will say it’s beautiful but Shravan will say no, you are beautiful. Suman will shy. They both will romance and come close to each other.

Will this new track bring in more trps? What kind of wedding is in store for Suman and Shravan?

Will the Malhotras and Tiwaris move ahead without any struggles or hurdles? Keep following this space for more.