Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th July 2022 Written Update: Bhavani and Pakhi gets caught by the goons

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the goons harassing the hostages. Sai stands against them, while they threatens to kill her. She sits along with the other hostages and worries about her child. She prays to God to protect her baby inside Pakhi’s womb, while the latter gets suspicious about the surrounding and hides along with Bhavani. The gynaecologist tries to call the police, when a goon comes there and kills her.

Everyone gets shocked seeing the dead body of the doctor, while the goon warns them not to contact the police, orelse he will instantly kill them. Whereas, Virat gets worried about the hostages and determines to save them.

Here, Virat becomes tensed realising that Sai will also be there along with the hostages. He talks to the goon and ask him to leave the hostages, but the latter denies. Virat tells that they won’t be able to save themselves, if anything happens to the hostages. The goon tells about his demand to Virat and proclaims to have a helicopter for them to leave from there safely.

Virat denies to fulfill the demand of the goons, while the latter threatens to kill all the hostages. Virat gets tensed, while Pakhi consoles Bhavani and ask her to stay silent. The latter advice Pakhi to message Virat, while she instantly does it. She sends a message to him informing that she and Bhavani are stuck inside the hospital and ask him for help.

Elsewhere, Virat gets shocked after receiving Pakhi’s message and grows worried for his baby. He thinks that if the goon finds out about his family, them he won’t leave them. Whereas, Jagtap hides himself from Sai and wears a mask in order not to get revealed.

An old man insists the goons to let him go, while they gets furious at him and hits his head. Sai gets worried and ask for the first aid box. The goons denies to give it to her, while she ask him not to stop her from doing her job. She takes the kit and aids the old man.

Ahead, Sai consoles all the hostages and ask them to stay calm. She assures that soon police will save them. She also stops the goon from killing a pregnant lady. Virat hears her voice, while talking to the goon and tells his senior about the demand of the culprits. The senior ask him to engage the goons in his conversation and orders him to protect all the hostages.

Virat diverts the goon’s mind while talking to him and ask him to send an email ID so that he can send the link. The goon orders Sai to talk to Virat in order to give her ID, while she remembers her bitter moments with Virat. She remembers their fight and gets emotional, while he also becomes sad.

Further, the goon gets suspicious and goes inside the room where Pakhi was hiding with Bhavani. He catches them and brings them out. They also sits along with the hostages, while Jagtap gets a plan. He notify the goon about Sai along with Bhavani and Pakhi being the family of Virat. He insists the goon to leave him after giving the information, while the goon looks on.

Precap:- Jagtap advice the goon to put the gun at Virat’s family members, to fulfill his demand. Whereas, the goon gets enraged and throws Jagtap down after dragging him. Whereas, Pakhi and Bhavani along with Sai sees him and gets shocked. Sai grows furious by realising his presence, while he gets scared from them.

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