Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th January 2023 Written Update: Vinayak goes missing from school

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Jagtap asking Virat to tell the truth to Sai orelse he will notify it to her. Jagtap gives sometime to Virat and then was about to tell Sai about the real identity of Vinu, but Virat stops him and states that he will notify her about their son. He takes a deep breathe and looks at Sai. He tells that Vinayak is their biological son Vinu. The latter becomes shocked hearing it and then gets teary eyes. She recalls her moments with Vinayak and concludes her special bond with him.

Here, Sai gets elated and then hugs Virat after learning about the truth. They both shows their emotions, while Sai then detaches herself from Virat and ask that why he kept the truth hidden from her? She comes to the reality and confronts the latter about his decision of keeping it a secret from her.

Virat feels ashamed of his decision and tells that he was helpless. He states that he was about to tell her regarding Vinayak but at that day Pakhi went through her surgery and her womb gets removed. He proclaims that she was in a lot of pain and was facing trauma.

Elsewhere, Virat says that he thought if Sai will learn about the truth then she will take Vinayak away from Pakhi and it will cause more stress to her. He proclaims that the latter can’t stay away from Vinayak and requests Sai to keep it a secret in between them. He proclaims that Pakhi will die without Vinayak.

Sai lashes out at Virat and ask that he never thought about her feelings. She cries and says that she was blaming herself for her son’s death since so long and the latter never cared about her. She proclaims that she won’t stay away from her son anymore and rebukes Virat for his decision.

Ahead, Sai starts going away from the temple while Virat tries to stop her. He request her to keep it a secret and tries to make her understand but fails. She warns him not to follow her and gets inside an autorickshaw. He gets worries about the consequences and keeps thinking about it.

Pakhi goes to pick Vinayak but the guard informs that he already left from there. She gets worried and calls Virat. She says that their son is missing and shows her tension. He gets doubt on Sai and assures Pakhi that they will anyhow find Virat. She goes to check the CCTV footage and sees Sai meeting and taking Vinayak away from there.

Further, Pakhi tells Virat about it while he calls Karishma and then in Sai’s hospital to find about her whereabouts. He then starts tracing her phone and goes to a restaurant. He sees Sai spending time with Vinayak and feeding her cakes. He confronts her while she proclaims that she knows what to tell and when to to tell. She then ask him not to question her orelse it won’t be good for him.

Precap:- Sai confronts Virat and gives him 72 hours to tell his family that Vinayak is her son and doesn’t belong to him or Pakhi. She proclaims that after 72 hours she will take Vinayak away from them and no one can stop her. He tries to make her understand but she leaves from there. At that time Ashwini comes there being restless and tells Virat that Pakhi and Vinayak went somewhere and no one knows about there whereabouts. Virat gets shocked hearing about it.

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