Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th July 2022 Written Update: Virat risks his life to rescue the hostages

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat entering inside the hospital by following Sai’s instructions. He goes inside via a window but unfortunately a fire extinguisher falls and the goons gets alerted with its sound. They goes to check the place, while Virat immediately hides inside the morgue room. He removes a dead body and takes its place. Whereas, Sai gets worried for Virat and prays for him. Meanwhile, Bhavani questions her about the matter, to which the latter replies that she can’t tell her anything at the moment and insists her to pray for Virat.

Here, Pakhi along with Bhavani and Sai gets concerned and waits for the things to get over. Whereas, the goon gets inside the morgue room and checks the dead bodies. He stabs inside a body with the knife and was about to pierce it inside, but someone calls him. He goes away from there, while Virat gets up holding his bleeding chest.

Virat bears the pain and then rushes towards the other room. He changes his attire as a wardboy of the hospital and secretly goes towards the hostages. Pakhi sees him and gets excited. She takes his name, while the goons becomes alerted. Virat wears the mask and gets successful in mingling with the hostages.

Elsewhere, the leader of the goons call the police and talks with DCP. The latter notify that Virat has gone to arrange the demands of the goons and requests them to wait for some more time. The goon gets impressed and praises Virat for doing hard work to fulfill their demand.

Virat holds Sai’s hand and assures her that everything will get fine. She feels relax and becomes emotional. Whereas, Virat sneaks out of there to follow a goon who goes inside the washroom. He kills the goon there itself and then follows the other one. He was about to knock him out, when another goon sees him and alerts the leader.

Ahead, the leader of the goon gets furious at Virat and proclaims to kill him. The latter hides from the goon, while they try to search for him. Sai sees a couple getting worried and makes them relax. She also solves their problem and assures that arguments happens in between the married couple. They shows their gratitude towards her.

The goon takes the old man and proclaims to kill him if the police try to oversmart him. He also gets Pakhi and Sai on gun point and ask Virat to come out orelse he will kill them. At that time Virat faces the goon. Sai ask him to save Pakhi and Bhavani instead of her, while he try to take over the goon.

Further, Jagtap throws the gun towards Virat and the latter shot the goon and completes the mission. Everyone gets overjoyed and the police gets inside the hospital. Pakhi tries to find her reports to hide it from everyone, while Jagtap apologises to Sai and Virat and then gets arrested by the police. Whereas, Sai finds the reports of Pakhi and gets shocked seeing it.

Precap:- Pakhi gets worried and shares her tension with Vaishali. She calls the latter and notify about the complications in her pregnancy. She ask for her mother’s advice and questions that if she should hide the matter from Sai?

To which Vaishali warns the latter and states that if anything happens to the baby then Sai won’t leave her. Whereas, at that time Sai coems there and confronts Pakhi about the reports. She proclaims that she knows about it and gets furious at Pakhi. She states that she wants to slap her hard and blames her for the complications.

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