Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 26th January 2023 Written Update: Pakhi goes missing along with Vinayak

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 26th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai getting excited to welcome Vinayak to her house. She becomes restless to call her as her son and proclaims that he will be so happy to learn that she is her biological mother. She recalls their bond and shares her excitement with Usha. The latter sees Sai being impatient and tries to calm her. Usha says that Sai’s behavior won’t change the situation and ask her to look after herself. She ask if Virat told the truth to Chavans or Pakhi? To which Sai says that she has given him a time limit and if he fails to tell the truth to his family as well as their son Vinayak, then she will herself notify them about it.

Here, Sai gets a call from Vinayak and the latter gets elated. She tells Usha that Virat mist have told the truth to him and that is why he is calling her. She excitedly picks his call but the latter refers to her as doctor aunty. She gets shattered finding out that Vinayak still isn’t aware of the truth.

Vinayak questions Sai that why she left the competition early? He states that he wanted to talk to her regarding so much, but she left without even meeting him. She gets teary eyes and makes some excuses. At that time Vinayak says that he called in order to talk to Savi as the latter’s phone is getting switched off. He insists Sai to give the phone to Savi.

Elsewhere, Sai calls her daughter Savi and informs about Vinayak’s call. The latter starts talking with Vinu while he ask that why she haven’t charged her phone as it is switched off? To which Savi tells her reason and then continues talking to Vinu. He notify them about the celebration in their house and invites them for the party. Savi gets excited and decides to visit their, while Sai gets furious and sees the time limit getting over.

Sai determines to go to the Chavans house in order to reveal the truth. Virat knocks Pakhi’s door in order to inform her about the reality but Ashwini comes there and takes him away from there. She ask him to let Pakhi get ready for the party and insists him to look at the guests. She says that he have to start managing the guests as they will start coming soon.

Ahead, Ashwini thinks about inviting Sai but Bhavani denies. She proclaims that she doesn’t need that girl in their house. Meanwhile, at that time Sai herself enters there. She faces Virat furiously and shows him that the time is over. He request her for some more time, but she denies to give anymore time to him. She proclaims that she will herself reveal the truth in front of everyone.

Virat tries to stop Sai but she denies his request. Chavans gets confused by their behavior while Karishma and Mohit ask that Sai was talking about the thing which she was excited about. They ask her to share it with them while the latter looks at Virat and tells everyone that Vinayak is their biological son Vinu. Everyone gets stunned while she cries and reveal the truth. She says that Virat kept it hidden from everyone including her.

Further, Chavans gets teary eyes learning that their Vinu is alive. Meanwhile, Sai decides to tell the truth to Pakhi and Vinayak also. She was about to go upstairs but Virat tries to stop her. He says that the situation isn’t right to tell the truth, but she stays adamant. Whereas, Virat goes towards Pakhi’s room and gets shocked seeing everything scattered around the room. He sees his passport on the floor and also notices Pakhi’s phone. He gets worried, while Sai gets inside Vinayak’s room and found him missing. Virat tells everyone about the missing of Pakhi along with Vinu.

Precap:- Sai runs towards Pakhi and ask about Vinayak. The latter points gun at Sai and ask her to step back. She says that she won’t give her son to anyone, while Sai faces her fearlessly. Pakhi points the gun at her head and threatens to kill herself. At that time Virat comes there and becomes shocked seeing the scenario. He and Sai tries to stop Pakhi while they all holds the gun and it gets fired.

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