Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th June 2022 Written Update: Sai denies to accept Pakhi as her surrogate

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhavani revealing a shocking news in front of the Chavans. She declares that Pakhi will become Sai and Virat’s surrogate, while everyone gets stunned. She tells that they won’t find any other surrogate better then her and shows her support towards Pakhi. Ashwini along with Sai and Virat denies to accept it. Mansi comes forward and questions Bhavani that how she took the decision without consulting her? She declares that she won’t let Pakhi spoil her life and reminds that Pakhi still can marry someone and move on in her life.

Here, Bhavani tells that Pakhi is the one who took the decision to become the surrogate. Sai and Virat gets furious at Pakhi, while Bhavani tells Mansi to ask Karishma and Sonali about it, if she doesn’t trust her. She shows her support towards Pakhi and ask her to tell about the truth.

Pakhi looks at Mansi and notify that she wanted to rectify her mistake, by giving birth to Sai and Virat’s baby. She fakes her emotions and tells that Samrat would be happy to see her doing this for the family and tries to convince Mansi. Whereas, the latter gets into an argument with Bhavani and tells that they can’t let Pakhi ruin her life as she has a long way to go.

Elsewhere, Mansi cries and blames the situation in herself, whereas Bhavani reminds that even they also managed their life without their husbands. She assures that Pakhi will be fine and declares that she will be the perfect surrogate for them. Ashwini points out at Pakhi’s decision and says that it is wrong.

Karishma and Omkar shows their support towards Pakhi and says that they agree towards her decision. Sai glares at Pakhi and confronts her. She declares that she can’t trust Pakhi’s intentions as she was so against surrogacy but suddenly gets ready to help them. She reminds all the allegations Pakhi has putted on her and tells that she doesn’t trust her.

Ahead, Pakhi fakes her cry and tells that Sai has always doubted her intentions. She says that she just wanted to do good for their family and proclaims that it pains her when Ashwini and others puts accusations on her. She tries to gain their sympathy, while Bhavani supports her. Sai declares that Pakhi won’t be able to become their surrogate as the women should be a mother before becoming a surrogate.

Pakhi tells that Sai is lying and gets into an argument with her. Whereas, Virat comes forward and shouts at them. He takes a stand for Sai and declares that if she doesn’t want Pakhi to become their surrogate then it will be their final decision. Whereas, Pakhi confronts him asking that what he wants?

Further, Virat gets furious at Pakhi and ask her to stay away from their decision. Meanwhile, she tells that she only wanted to help them and they all misunderstood her intentions. She cries in front of Bhavani, while the latter consoles her and declares that Pakhi will only become the surrogate for Sai and Virat. She proclaims that she won’t change her decision and goes inside with Pakhi, while the latter smirks.

Precap:- Pakhi tells Vaishali that she won’t stop until and unless she becomes the surrogate of Sai and Virat’s child. She declares that no one can stop her from achieving her goal, while Ashwini tells Sai and Virat that Bhavani is blindly trusting Pakhi. She says that Bhavani isn’t ready to hear them and thinks that Pakhi will become the best surrogate. She shows her concern, while Sai declares that she can’t let Pakhi carry her child, as she was Virat’s ex-lover. Virat and Ashwini gets shocked hearing her statement. Whereas, Pakhi tells that Virat’s concern will be towards her after she becomes their surrogate, she determines to get Virat in her life and proclaims that his concern and care will shift towards her as soon as she will carry his child.

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