Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th June 2022 Written Update: Pakhi ask Sai to leave the house

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chavans taking Samrat’s dead body to perform his final rituals. They all gets shattered seeing his lifeless body and cries. Pakhi’s mother also gets sentimental and tells how her daughter was excited to start her new life with Samrat. Bhavani breaksdown seeing Samrat and tells that it was her turn to die but instead Samrat lost his life. Whereas, Ashwini also cries remembering Samrat and shares her agony with Ninad, while the latter tries to console her. Omkar worries about Mansi and says that how she will control her emotions after losing her son.

Here, Devyani also panics and ask Pulkit to bring Samrat back. The latter wipes his tears and stays silent, while Devyani loses her control. Meanwhile, Virat starts performing the last rituals of Samrat and puts tilak on his forehead. He remembers his moments with Samrat and gets teary eyes.

Virat with the help of Mohit completes the last rituals of Samrat and then fires his dead body. Everyone gets shattered, while in the house Sai cries holding Samrat’s photo frame and promises to fulfill his last wishes. Meanwhile, Mansi screams for Samrat and her health also deteriorates. Karishma tries to hold her back, but the latter denies to hear anyone.

Elsewhere, Mansi keeps crying and then she couldn’t able to breath. At that time Sai comes there and gets worried for Mansi. Karishma tries to stop Sai stating that Mansi doesn’t want to see her, but the latter still goes inside and tries to give oxygen mask to Mansi. The latter pushes Sai away and accuses her for killing Samrat, which shocks the latter.

Sai denies all the allegations and requests Mansi to take the oxygen mask. She then notify her about Samrat’s last wish and says that he just wanted her and Virat to look after his mother and Pakhi. Mansi gets heartbroken and cries, while Sai gets successful in giving her the oxygen mask.

Ahead, Chavans returns back from the graveyard after performing all the rituals. Everyone cries for losing Samrat, while Sai was about to put garland on Samrat’s potrait, when Pakhi stops her and ask to stay away from her husband’s last rituals. Sai states that she will accept everything Pakhi wants her to do. Sai and Virat remembers last wish of Samrat and bears all the punishments of Pakhi.

Pakhi gets furious at Sai and ask her to leave the house. Whereas, everyone gets shocked. Ashwini tries to make Pakhi understand, while Virta also takes a stand for Sai. He tells about the reason why Sai is bearing all the punishments of Pakhi and ask her to thinks about Sai’s pregnancy. Whereas, Pakhi reminds Virat about the past when he also have thrown Sai out of the house.

Further, Virat says that he was wrong in the past and ask Pakhi to understand the situation. Mohit, Devyani and Ashwini also supports Sai and tries to make Pakhi calm, while Bhavani comes forward to support Pakhi and ask everyone to stay quiet. She stops them from taking Sai’s side and accuses her for killing Samrat. She shows her sympathy towards Pakhi, while the latter looks on.

Precap:- Pakhi gets furious at Sai and declares to throw her out of the house. She drags Sai and takes her towards the door, but someone holds her hand. Pakhi thinks it to be Virat and ask him to leave Sai’s hand, but he comes in front of Pakhi. She turns to see the person holding Sai’s hand and gets shocked seeing Bhavani. The latter says that she can’t let Sai out of the house as she is carrying the child of their family.

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