Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Virat is jealous again?

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With viewers of Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein, liking the track when Sai makes Pakhi feel the same pain like she did. Now, soon Sai’s next mission will be taking over Devyaani’s problem and solving it. Sai being very brave, she won’t fear from what Bhavani is going to do but she will be seen helping Devyani soon. Sai being the only mediator between Devyani and Pulkit, she will be the one bringing them together. It will start by Sai unknowingly about Pulkit and Devyaani’s past, she will consult Pulkit regarding Devyaani’s medication. Here, Bhavani and Pakhi will take pledge that Sai will have to pay for what she did to Pakhi.

In the upcoming episodes, Sai will get to know that there is a fresher event. First, she will feel that it’s all nonse but one student will call her aunty and how she is boring like any other married person. Sai will feel enraged. So she will think to prepare something for freshers. She will think to dance. At night when she turns on the volume of the music to dance, everyone will feel Sai is doing this to make everyone irritated and not sleep at night. They will go to complain to Virat. Virat will go and see Sai dancing so gracefully. He will get mesmerized by her elegance. Sai will lose her balance, and will be about to fall but Virat will catch her. They will have an eye lock.

Later, Sai will tell Virat about a student named Aniket in her college and how he is very good and helpful. This will make Virat jealous and worried for Sai. Virat will then decide to go to Sai’s college to find out more about this Aniket guy. Who is this Aniket? Will Virat be able to see Pulkit?

Does Virat know about Devyaani’s past? Will Sai coming to know about Pulkit being Devyaani’s boyfriend?

When will Devyaani’s truth come out? What will Bhavani’s next move be against Sai?

What will Pakhi do to take revenge on Sai? Is this jealousness of Virat showing the love he has for Sai?

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