Ginny to teach Kulwant a hard lesson: Choti Sarrdaarni

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In today’s episode of Colors television popular show Choti Sarrdaarni,Kulwant and family will all clean the house for arrival of Meher ,baby and Sarab.Kulwant will learn that Ginny is doing a video call and slap Rana threatening him to bring Ginny to do work.Sarab will ask Param about Meher and learn that she is getting dressed.He will decide to gift her necklace but will stand mesmerized by her beauty as she get ready.Meher will catch Sarab watching.They will share an eyelock and Meher turn and let Sarab tie the dori at the back.

Aditi will tell Bheem to get a bouquet and decide to go to Gill mansion after thinking about it whole night.Rana will beg Ginny to come out as she was talking to someone saying her mother In law beat her everyday.Kulwant will deliberately try to make Ginny fall by kicking bucket with soap water but she will cleverly avoid it.Ginny move Kulwant chair when was about to sit and make her fall.Kulwant will realize its Ginny and take a step toward her but fall again water.She will get angry and remove shoe.

Meher will be upset about Harleen not giving her blessing to baby and Sarab assure her to get it and take her with him to meet Harleen.They are surprised to see Harleen decorating house and shows gifts to Sarab and Meher.She will tell them to forget everything and give a new dress for baby.Meher thank her.Harleen smirk at Robby while telling Sarab she will happily name the baby as she is his bua.

Kulwant will start to hit Ginny with shoe but Women police comes and tell her she is under arrest on domestic violence charge.Kulwant laugh and pretend to hit cockroach she send them away for lack of proof.She will then close door and beat Ginny with shoe.Ginny shows her phone to Kulwant in which she has recorded everything and challenge her.Amrita will get worried.Aditi will look at her mom picture and vow to ruin Sarab and his family.

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