Good news on its way in ‘Gupta Brothers’? Here’s what is going to happen in the show

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Good news on its way in 'Gupta Brothers'? Here's what is going to happen in the show

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Madhu and Mahesh Pandey’s “Gupta Brothers” is treating the audience with their beautiful take on a simple family drama. While Shiv and Ganga are doing their best as seniors of the house, Jaya and Veeru’s married life is still chaotic. Aditi and Alok are also quite happy in their space, however, Jaya’s presence makes Aditi a little insecure.

The newly wedded couples are off on their honeymoon, and unfortunately, they land up at the same hotel. Like always Veeru and Jaya end up fighting at the hotel, and Jaya decides that she cannot live like this. She leaves the hotel crying and was just about to get hit by a car when Alok jumped in and saved her. Later, we see that Alok and Jaya are having a conversation where Alok tells her that he will always be there with her as a friend. Aditi sees all this and brings Veeru along. She goes on to question Jaya’s character and says a lot of uncalled for things to her.

When they reach their rooms, Veeru tells Jaya that he is sorry about the scene Aditi created and that he believes her. He tells her that he has seen her since his childhood, and revealed that he was jealous of her friendship with Alok because he was always sidelined. Jaya and Veeru have a cute moment there. The next day Jaya gets lemonade for him and asks him to have it for his hangover. Meanwhile, Aditi tells Alok that she is insecure with Jaya’s presence and asks him to prove his loyalty.

In Banaras, Shiv and Ganga are invited for a godbharai but the women there don’t let Ganga do anything, because she doesn’t have a baby of her own. Rajat intervenes by calling her Bhabhi maa and Shiv also tells them that they shouldn’t believe in such things. Shiv and Ganga have got some renovations done in their house for Jaya and Aditi, and they organise a puja at home. Both the couples surprise them by reaching home early. On their arrival, Aditi tells them that she is expecting her and Alok’s baby. This was happy news for the Gupta family and Ganga asked them to join the puja. During the puja, the pandit tells Aditi to avoid using her bathroom as it’s not been made in the correct direction. He tells them that he will let them know of a solution very soon.

But Jaya is upset as Aditi did not share the good news with her, and her mother Amba adds fuel to the fire saying she and Veeru should also have a baby. Jaya gets angry and says a lot of bitter things to Veeru. A hurt Veeru then decides to look for a groom for Jaya and also starts talking to divorce lawyers as he feels he has spoiled Jaya’s life.

Will the situation make Jaya and Veeru fall for each other? Will Ganga and Shiv be able keep their family together?

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