Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st November 2020 Written Update: Saru Maa get’s schoked by seeing Guddan Alive!

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pushpa saying Doctor kamdasahab very well known Ayurvedic doctor he cured many patients like our Choti Guddan, I think you should meet him once. Agastya says ofcourse Mom I will take appointment today only, I will call him now only, Pushpa says I already took appointment with him you go and meet him today.

 Agastya says thanks for Pushpa and starts to leave. Agastya says Mom I given sleeping medicine to Choti Guddan since she need to sleep more now, Pushpa says ok beta I will take care of Guddan you leave now, Agastya leaves to meet the Doctor.

Pushpa says everything going according to plan till now we have sent Agastya out if this city hope we will finish that Choti Guddan with out any disturbance. Pushpa asks Sona and Saru Maa did you finished work assigned to you properly? Sona says ji Jiji flashback is shown Sona loosing bolts of fan along with Saru Maa.

Pushpa and Gang laughs evilly thinking they are going to succeed in killing Choti Guddan with out getting doubt to anyone, all will think it as a accident but no one will know we are behind this accident. Guddan listens everything and tries to protect Choti Guddan. Here Choti Guddan is sleeping peacefully on bed in effect of sleeping pills, Agastya come back to take his phone to room and talks with Choti Guddan to wake up soon my dear.

Guddan prays to lord Krishna to show some way to escape from here I have to protect my Choti. Here in Agastya room he tries to leave but Choti Guddan stops him from going by catching his hand. Agastya feels happy by Choti Guddan responding to treatment and says I know you don’t want me to move from here but I have to go it’s urgent, I am going to meet very famous Ayurvedic doctor inorder to take second opinion in your case let me go my dear I will be back soon. Here Pushpa and Gang waiting for fan fall down and prays for Choti Guddan death.

Guddan prays to lord Krishna I can’t able to move from here and please you only protect my child by doing some miracle. All of a sudden all hears fan falling down and rushes to Agastya room happily to see miserable state of  Choti Guddan, but they shocked by what they saw! Choti Guddan is perfectly alright along with Agastya. Pushpa asks how are you and how this happened all of a sudden.

Agastya says we are perfectly fine Maa and we are fit because of Choti Guddan only flash back is shown Choti Guddan pushing Agastya and fall on the ground. Agastya shares his happiness you said right Mom lord Krishna will make Choti Guddan fine soon. Agastya says Mom you stay here near Choti Guddan and I will go and meet Ayurvedic doctor and come. Guddan thanks lord Krishna and I will protect my Choti and teach you lesson that to in my style.

Pushpa and Gang starts having lunch while discussing how to finish Choti Guddan but all feels there stomach is upset and rushes to bathroom. But bathroom is locked from inside and starts to fights with each other. Pushpa and Gang discuss all this happened because of Choti Guddan only, Pushpa and Gang see some one shadow and gets fear.

Pushpa and Gang moves to Agastya room to finish there work i.e to kill Choti Guddan, Saru Maa ties Choti Guddan legs  and hands with rope in the mean while Pushpa goes to answer the phone call, Sona keeping eye anyone coming from outside or not,  here Saru Maa is alone in Agastya room and tries to kill Choti Guddan but Guddan comes there and beats Saru Maa left and right. Guddan calls Saru Maa as Saru bahu, saru Maa get’s schoked by seeing Guddan in front of her.

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