Riddhima to misunderstand Vihaan in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Drama to galore in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2.

So far in the show it is seen, Riddhima recalls Kabir’s word and breaks the mirror accusing herself for all the mess. Kabir enters the room and says to Riddhima that he trapped her from all the corners and now she can come out from his trap. He makes a circle around Riddhima and threatens her. Kabir says to Riddhima he don’t believe an evil resides in his heart. He says now God also can’t defeat him. Riddhima sits shocked.

Kabir says to Riddhima that he will destroy Singhania’s and she will be accuses. Riddhima pleads Kabir.

Kabir says to Riddhima that she is still alive because she has loved him. Further, Riddhima hears Vansh’s voice and gets excited to meet him. She rushes to meet him and realizes it was her illusion for him. Riddhima cries and says Vansh is not there and she has turned mad. She self-talk and says Vansh ended his life in front of her thus, he will never return back. Riddhima recalls her moments with Vansh. She walks on the road and reaches temple.

Riddhima walks on the broken glasses and questions to God, why he took Vansh from her. She asks God why he made her stand on cross-path where, she knows about Kabir and Anupriya’s truth but can’t expose them. She recalls Kabir’s word and says to God, Kabir is challenging him and now he will decide her fate. Riddhima says Kabir is on the verge to destroy everything. She says she is ready to fight back Kabir and pleads to God to send someone for her to help her.

Ahead, goon teases Riddhima and she tries to defend herself. Vihaan comes for her rescues. Further, Riddhima sees Vihaan’s face and recalls Vansh. She faints in Vihaan’s arm.

Now in the upcoming episode, Riddhima will decide to figure out Vihaan’s truth. It will be interesting to watch, do Riddhima will be able to accept Vihaan as Vansh? Well, time will only tell.

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