Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th July 2020 Written Update: Ganga’s plan to separate Guddan and her baby fails

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan asking Charulata, Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati to make her meet with her baby. They all are silent so Guddan asks them to tell her at least if she is a girl or boy. She guesses it’s a baby girl and says that she knew it since Akshat kept saying that they will have a baby girl just like her. She says that Akshat must be very happy. Durga wonders how to tell her that her baby is no more.

On the other hand, Avinash is trying to hide from police who is finding him, but the baby starts laughing. Police hears the voice and starts looking around. Ganga comes out but hides seeing the police. She wonders what to do now.

Guddan is about to get up because she wants to meet her baby but Durga stops her saying that she is weak. Guddan asks them to bring the baby because her system cannot bear so much suspense. Durga tells her that she had a baby girl only. Guddan says that Akshat must be bringing her on his side but as soon as she will take her in her lap the baby will forget Akshat’s magic. She asks to meet the baby but the family tries convincing her to take rest. Doctor comes and tells her to take rest as well but Guddan insists and says that nobody except her and Lord Krishna know how much she waited to see her. She doesn’t listen to the family members asking her to take rest.

Meanwhile, Ganga starts shouting for help and is able to distract police officers who rush to see who is seeking help. Ganga hides and once, the police has left, she rushes to Avinash and scolds him for being so imbecilic. She asks Avinash to leave because she has a lot of work to do. Avinash asks her what she is planning to do. Ganga sees the truck parked near her. The truck contains vegetables and fruits. Ganga puts the basket with Guddan and Akshat’s baby inside the truck and shuts its door. The driver of the truck comes back and leaves. Avinash praises Ganga for doing what he had been trying to do since hours in few seconds. Ganga says that it’s all because she wants revenge from heart. She is sure that not even Guddan’s Lord Krishna will be able to make Guddan meet with her child.

In the house, Akshat kneels in front of Lord Krishna’s idol and asks him if it is fair to do this with a girl who believed him more than herself. He cries and asks what he should answer to Guddan when she will ask where her baby is.

The driver of truck gets a call and says to the person he is in call with that he is about to reach in two minutes. He says that he will park the car near Jindal Bhawan. Akshat cries in front of Lord Krishna and at the same time the driver reaches Jindal Bhawan. He starts taking out the boxes with vegetables and fruits. A woman comes there and begs him to give her some food since her children are hungry since days. Akshat hears her voice and wonders who is arguing outside their house. He thinks that he shall go to check.

On the other hand, Guddan gets up and even though Lakshmi and Durga try to stop her, she leaves out calling out for Akshat. Lakshmi is about to stop her but Durga says that Akshat should tell her the truth so it’s fine. Guddan searches for Akshat in the house and wonders what suspense they are trying to create.

Akshat comes out and sees the woman asking the truck driver to give her some food. Akshat wonders what’s inside the truck and why it has been parked in their camp bound. The driver sees him and tells him that he is there to give parcel to their neighbour Shastri and since there is parking problem, he parked there. Akshat asks him to carry on but just then the woman starts begging him to help her since her kids are hungry and they might get ill. The driver bashes her so Akshat scolds him and asks him to give all the food in the truck to her. The driver says that the stuff has been ordered so Akshat offers double the money. The driver agrees and goes to get the food. The woman blesses Akshat and says that his children must be very lucky. Akshat wishes for a miracle to happen but thinks that it is impossible. Guddan looks around calling out for her baby. She is tired but she can feel her baby’s presence.

Ganga and Avinash have ice cream. Ganga celebrates the fulfilment of her revenge and is very happy but just then she sees the truck in their lawn and recognizes it. She sees Akshat talking to a woman. Ganga wishes that Guddan hasn’t found the baby yet.

Guddan searches for the baby and calls out for the baby and Akshat wondering where they are. The baby makes gibberish noise. Akshat hears the voice. Ganga and Avinash hide. Avinash goes near the basket inside the truck and grabs it. He opens it and gets shocked seeing the baby girl inside. Ganga realizes that her plan has failed. Akshat wonders whose baby she is. He holds her in his arms. Guddan sees them and says “baby”. She walks towards Akshat and the baby happily. Akshat tries saying something but Guddan holds the baby saying that she is her child. She emotionally looks at her.

Episode ends