Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Agastya and Guddan meet after one month

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

Agastya is asking all about his wife Guddan but no one has any clue about her. Everyone declines to have any information about her. He asks everyone including his mother but no one has any idea about her and no one knows where she is from the day of his operation. Rashi says to Agastya that it’s been long that she has not seen her mother in the house.

Agastya asks Aarushi and Mani as well but no one has any idea about her. He asks his mother again and says my heart knows you are hiding something and he gives her his swear. She lies to Agastya about Guddan and says after seeing you state in the hospital she left you hanging and leaves from the hospital. Agastya declines to believe her claims and says I know her very well and she loves me so much to leave me like this. Agastya says all these are liess cause she can not leave me like this.

Pushpa uses the nupital chain of Guddan to use it in her favour and says if she really cares about you and your marriage then why her marital chain is with me? Agastya recalls all the words of Choti and says I don’t believe all these and if even God says this to me I will not believe it at any cost. He says right now maybe I don’t have any answer for my words but I will find the answers and if in this process I got to know that you are anyway responsible for this then mark my words that I will never see your face ever in my life, I am swearing on my unborn child.

One month later, Guddan is sitting in her room and is waiting for Agastya to come. She recalls their moments and thinks in mind about him. She looks at their wedding picture and says to the photo of Agastya,”I was waiting for you since one month. In this past one month there was not a single moment when I didn’t think about you. But the only thing that kept me going was our baby. She says I am wearing your gifted anklet, at least hear the sound of it and come back. She hears a door-bell and runs thinking it to be Agastya. She opens the door and it was Agastya standing. She starts to cry the moment she sees him and remembered their old golden moments.

Agastya shows her the nupital chain and asks did you return it back to my mother? Choti says I don’t know what your mother told you about me but I gave it to her because she herself asks for it. She pressurized me for leaving you and that is why I have to do it. Agastya doesn’t believe her and says from one month, I was being miserable and looking for you in every possible corner. You thought I will be disabled and will be a burden on you and that is why you left me. You didn’t even think for once how will I live without you?

Choti tries to answer but is unable due to his strong hold on her shoulders as it is hurting her. Guddan comes there and asks Agastya to leave her daughter and says how dare you make my daughter feel pained like this? Agastya is shocked to see her and he remembers all the words of Choti to him about her mom being alive and he looks at his wife with wide eyes.

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