Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Guddan confronts Agastya for her daughter

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Agastya asking Guddan why did she break his trust? Guddan says to him to leave her as it is paining her. She requests him to listen to her for once about all these. Agastya is in no mood to listen to what she is saying. Suddenly senior Guddan comes there and says to Agastya to leave her daughter and asks how dare you behave with her like that? Agastya is shocked to see his mother-in-law alive.

Guddan says I know you must have been shocked to see me alive but you can get saved from this only if you listen to her words when she is literally trying to tell you all about I am being alive but no one cares to pay attention to her. She was telling all of you about me but not even once you want to cross check her facts. But today you have chance to win her trust, her confidence but you lost that too. She was continuously telling you that it is painting and you should leave her but it didn’t paid attention to her words again. You also know how to match she has done for you and your family but every time you ditched her. Today what is the situation of my daughter is simply because of you and your mother.

Today if you really love my daughter then you have to prove it so and prove first that you deserve my daughter only then I will let you go away with my Choti. Choti pleads to her mother to don’t asks Agastya to go away but she says if for your good I have to become bad then I will but won’t let you tolerate any more insult and hurdles in life cause you had enough of it. Agastya comes out and the words of Guddan is echoing in his mind. He recalls all the things that happened. The hip of lies Pushpa feeds him always and he shouts in frustration that he won’t be able to understand why all these happened with him and why!!!! Pushpa and Niya are celebrating their victory as they think they are successful in doing it.

Pushpa says things got scattered for no reason but finally she is out of our life and I am happy. Chiku also doesn’t get to know about our plan but we got successful too. Sona comes there and says you people should be ashamed of your deeds and mark my words you will never be able to make Guddan and Agastya apart from each other. Agastya comes home with a cake and asks Niya and Pushpa to celebrate his destruction together. He says the way you all ruin my life, love, affection, Guddan that calls for a grand celebration. He cuts the cake and gives her the first bite and Pushpa doesn’t understand suddenly why he is saying all these?

Later on, Agastya confronts Niya and Pushpa and says always I trusted you thinking why will my mother ditch me but you keep on fooling me and lied to me. Not even a single time I saw you being sensitive about my feelings and my love. But I tried my best to do everything like an ideal son. Pushpa says for your wife you were even ready to send me to jail. Agastya says you should have been jailed as your acts are like that only.

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