Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th December 2020 Written Update: Agastya family welcomes Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Agastya lashed out at his mother. He says you should have got punished because you deserve it for the kind of work that you have done with my wife, for that yo6h reLly need to be punished big time and one more thing, I hate you to the core and will continue do so for life time.

He angrily walks out of the house ignoring the calls of his mother and Sona aunty. Sona comes behind him and tries to make him understand that everything happened because of only one person and that is his mother Pushpa and Guddan does not deserve punishment for that. She shouldn’t have face the consequences of it.

Agastya says there is no point of discussing all these right now because it doesn’t want you to be with her daughter. According to her I am not eligible for her daughter and she doesn’t want me to keep Guddan with myself. The only call Choti took without concerning me changed the entire scenario for us and for herself as well.

We are yet to welcome a new member in our lives in the upcoming days but everything is ruined and changed. Sona asks him to have conversations with Guddan but he says he will not going to be influenced by anyone anymore and will do everything that his heart will feel right for the tune being. He goes away with his car and Sona prays to god to unite Guddan and Agastya. Guddan us arranging her bed shen she sense someone is standing behind her and as soon as she moves the mystery man captures her mouth and takes her away by abduction.

 He keeps Choti Guddan in a dark room and pulls down his masks and he is no other than Agastya.  She says to Agastya this is wrong and in this way things will be more complicated between both of them. She is trying to make her mother understand about her. However if she gets to know that Choti is bought into this place and that too by Agastya. She will be hell lof of angry on him.

Agastya says just likr you didn’t think about anything else while leaving me then why should I give it a thought? She says both things are different. I did it out of compulsion and what was right for me according go the situation. Agastya says then think I am also doing what is my mind is thinking right.

Aarav informs senior Guddan about Choti being kidnapped but Guddan says she has a clear idea who did it and also she knows what she needs to do to bring her back from the place where she shouldn’t be right now. Agastya and hia family welcomes Choti with lots of celebration and affection. She gets happy to see all these but then gets worried thinking about her mother and wants to go away from there but Agastya stopped her and he and his family didd songs and dance. At last agastya saya to Choti, there us another surprise for you.

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