Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th December 2020 Written Update: Agastya celebrates the coming home of his wife Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Agastya saying to Guddan that there is so much arrnagemenstr are done for her happiness and he made her sit at the central seat of the hall. Aarushi and Rashi come there with the cupcakes and deserts and food items which she loves and he says all these are made for your love and happiness and we have made arrangements for your entertainment only.

 He asks Pushpa and Niya to start dancing so that they can entertain Guddan only. He mocks his mother and says you did so many things for your own happiness and now when I am asking you to do things for my happiness then you are becoming a statue. At least do it for the sake of the upcoming baby of us who is your grandson or daughter too and he shouts at them to start dancing.

 He asks Sona aunty to give company to Pushpa and Niya as well as she always sided by her in her wrong deeds so how she can not do it this time. Sona asks Pushpa to dance and all of them start to dance together to entertain her along with the entire housemates and all of them are dancing and Choti also slowly starts to enjoy the entire love and care for herself and her unborn baby.

Guddan comes there and asks all to stop immediately and directly asks Choti to come with her as this entire family doesn’t care for her in true sense. She is not loved here and these people are not caring enough for her and she will never be happy here. Agastya says to Guddan that she is my wife and she will be with me as my wife and not your daughter.

She will remain with her husband in his house and that is final but Guddan doesn’t listen and asks Aarav to bring Choti and they will leave from the house. Agastya says let us ask Choti if she wants to go away from this house with you after all her call is also important and meaningful. He goes to Choti and asks her to choose between her mother and her husband but Guddan says how dare you are pouting her in this dilemma and why?

She will come with me and ask her brother to bring her and Choti goes silently as she is not able to say anything. However while going out of the house She recalls all the moments of her and Agastya and how she promised to be with him in every thick and thin and he also always tried to keep his promises intact and she makes her hand leave from the clutches of her mother and folds her hand to asks for sorry.

She immediately goes to him and says I will never leave you again alone and hugs him and the other family members start to celebrate the moments. They all go inside while Agastya takes Guddan in his arms.

Pushpa tries to mock Guddan as her daughter dumped her but she says not you but I win this war and you know how because you son went against you for the first time and he choose my daughter, his wife Choti Guddan over you and that is the bottom line here and that’s what matters to me, her happiness which is with her husband, Agastya. Unlike you I don’t hate your son but just want him to back on track.

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