Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th September 2019 Written Update: Guddan unknowingly kills Antra!

Today’s episode opens with Guddan praying to God and asking to help her out from this trap. she further says she doesn’t want to die, as she loves her family a lot. Perv shoots the arrow towards the effigy of Ravana but the fire on the arrow blows off. People out there laugh at Perv. Antra thinks Perv is good for nothing. Perv again aims at effigy but his bow breakdown. Revti sees Antra and asks her about Guddan. Antra tells her that today with Ravana effigy Guddan too will turn into ashes. There, AJ prays to God for Guddan’s safety and receives her dupatta.

AJ rushes towards the effigy and sees Guddan. He calls Laxmi and asks her to stop Perv from shooting the arrow. Durga goes to Perv and stops him.AJ rescues Guddan and brings her back. Inspector asks Guddan how she reached there, Guddan tells Antra’s name. AJ thinks to teach Antra a good lesson. Inspector asks to find Antra. Revti thinks now none can reach to Antra and smiles.

Revti further announce that today Guddan will burn the effigy of Ravana because she is Goddess Sita in every aspect. People out there agree. Guddan aims at effigy. AJ thinks what new game Revti is playing. Revti thinks how she has tied Antra behind Ravana effigy to punish her.

Antra regains her sense and calls out for help. Guddan fires the arrow and Antra gets burned. Antra come out and Guddan gets shocked seeing her burning. She tries to help her but AJ stops her. Antra says to Guddan that she will return to avenge her soon and falls down from the cliff. Guddan cries, Revti thinks now Antra game is over and she can peacefully execute her plan against Guddan. (Episode Ends)

No precap.