Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd January 2021 Written Update: Pushpa arranges alliance for her daughter Aarushi to keep her away from Aarav

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd January 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pushpa doing the calculations of who is doing what and how she will settle scores with Choti Guddan. Guddan comes there and says it’s been a while that things are happening and still you are not changing. Most importantly, start to respect and give the same amount of love to my daughter and your daughter-in-law. She brings you back in this house with full respect so start to value her love for you or else next time I will not give you any scope for doing any calculations and how much you want to be disrespected by us?

She asks Pushpa to go away from the room and Pushpa goes out and fumes with anger. She notices Aarushi and Aarav are talking with each other in person and she doesn’t like their closeness. She notices Aarushi is eating by Aarav’s hand. Aarushi thanks Aarav for always standing by herself and gives her support in almost all situations. She asks him to always stand by her like this lifelong and holds his hand and asks her to eat.

Pushpa thinks whatever happened to my son due to his obsessiveness towards his wife has already done enough damage to myself hence I will not let another thing to happen in the form of my daughter. She calls someone and asks them to come to their house tomorrow. Aarushi and aarav are spending time with each other and they are having happy moments. Next day so much of preparations are going on and Pushpa is doing hospitality of her guests and says I have ordered all these specially for you all from a reputed restaurant, please have them and tell me how great this is. They are so happy to see her way of hosting them and are getting happy.

Sona thinks who these people are and why Pushpa is hosting them with so much love and care. Aarushi comes there and asks her mother if she is calling her and she says yes and introduces her to the guests and Aarushi is not getting anything and greets them with a smiling face. She says to Aarushi that these people are here to see you for their son and she is shocked to know that even Aarav who is passing by there looks at them shockingly and then he looks once at Aarushi.

She gets sad and then she looks at Aarav and says to her mother you didn’t even bother to inform me about it and I don’t know why? She says I am your mother and I have full right to take the decisions of your life. She then introduces Agastya and Guddan with them and all are quite shocked to see this sudden arrangement. Agastya asks some questions from the groom and he turns out to be an useless person and a spoiled brat.

Agastya asks him why don’t you do something on your own. That guy says to him you yourself are living in your in-laws house and lecturing me about being independent. Aarushi protested and took the side of her brother and the guy insulted her as well. Aarav beats him for being a worthless person and also talks to Aarushi in an offensive way. Pushpa blames Guddan and asks Choti why all these happened today and isn’t this the fault of her own mother? She goes to have a word with her mother and Pushpa thinks that she will turn Choti against her own mother as she did with Agastya.

Precap – Choti is questioning her mother and Agastya tries to make her understand that her mother has no fault in all these.

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