Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th January 2020 Written Update: Guddan and Akshat to have a rift in their relationship due to Antara

Episode begins with Guddan noticed that the phone AJ took from the table is not his but hers. She tries to call him from his phone but somehow she is not able to do it as she knows he kept the phone in the silent mode. She thinks there is no point in calling him again and again, it’s better for me that I personally go to meet him and gives him the phone.

Suddenly the weather becomes bad in the middle of the day and all the decorations he did in the poolside is butchered and Guddan gets upset to see this. Saraswati comes there and says this is what happens in life, when we think everything is going on in a better way, suddenly then things take an u-turn in life. Guddan says I was talking about the setup done in the poolside. Saraswati says to Guddan you have the phone of AJ and you should check the phone gallery and call list.

Guddan says thing is I have immense trust in my husband and he also believes me to the end. Guddan thinks what kind of weird thinking people have about AJ and me. I should not check the phone of my husband because I know he can never do anything wrong and she is going to change her clothes when Durga comes there and asks her where she is going in a hurry? Guddan says AJ forgot his phone at home and he told me he had an important meeting lined up hence I am going to return the phone to him. Durga says ok fine but you will not go alone, I am also coming with you. Guddan agrees and says I will go to meet him with a flower bouquet and he will be happy and surprised.

Guddan and Durga comes to the restaurant but the receptionist told her that AJ is not present at the office today and he already told us to postpone all his lined up meetings for a while. Guddan gets shocked and she again tries to call AJ but his cell is out of reach. Guddan thought to check the live tracking in her phone to trace the location of AJ and she decides to go there to meet him with Durga.

Antara comes to meet AJ and she asks for a one time last hug from AJ with the swear of Alisha and says can’t we hug each other for one last time for the sake of our daughter Alisha? AJ hugs her unwillingly and unfortunately Guddan comes there at the end moment and catch AJ is hugging Antara in the middle of the road. She gets shocked and all the moments she spent with AJ comes in front of her eyes.

Antara is happy as her plan to create a rift between AJ and Guddan worked finally. AJ tried to convince Guddan but she is in no mood to listen to him she comes back from there without having a single word conversation with Akshat.

Aj comes home to look for Guddan while Dadi asks Antara to speak up about what is going on? She elaborated the plan of Akshat to all and says all he did is for Guddan and her well being and nothing else. Guddan says to AJ that the relationship which seems to unbreakable to me till now is looking so weak and broken due to your lies and fraud.