Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th October 2019 Written Update: Revti reveals a shocking twist to Guddan about Aalisha!

Last we saw, Saraswati and Revti joins hands against Guddan and brings Antra’s daughter Aalisha to Jindal house. Aalisha shocked everyone’s at Jindal house.

Now in today’s episode, Saraswati gives Aalisha’s birth certificate and other documents to AJ. AJ gets shocked. Aalisha further says she knows none will believe her and paper thus she brought doctor with her too.

Aalisha takes AJ’s blood sample for DNA, and gives her blood sample to doctor too. Guddan, AJ and others stands shocked. Further, Aalisha tells to AJ that she is here to make their life hell, as she in childrens’ jail used to trouble others. AJ’s mother asks Aalisha is she Antra’s daughter and gets teary. Aalisha talks rudely with AJ’s mother and Durga interrupts.

Aalisha ask Durga and Laxmi not to interrupt while she is talking, as she is the owner of the house too. Ahead, she goes to Guddan and says to her to gear up to bear her, as she is here to avenge the family. Because of whom she lost Antra. Guddan stands shocked and confused. Further, Aalisha, ask Saraswati to book AC room for her, as for tonight she will stay to other place. AJ stares Saraswati. Perv and Revti smiles looking at each other.

Later, AJ in his room gets angry on Antra for hiding the truth from him and gave wrong information to Aalisha about him. He breaks the vase. Here, Guddan thinks how this happened and none knows about Aalisha. She gets tensed. Revti comes and ask to Guddan how she found her surprise. She further reveals to Guddan that she is not changed for good and has brought Aalisha so that her dream of becoming mother remains dream only and smiles wickedly. Guddan stands shocked. (Episode Ends)