Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2019 Written Update: Abhi and Pragya fights for Rishi!

In the episodes, so far it is seen Abhi and Pragya comes face to face again because of Rishi and Priyanka.

Now today’s episode starts with Priyanka sharing with Riya about her love story with Rishi. Riya listens to Priyanka and later, thinks about Ranbir. She self-talks and says Ranbir can’t fall for Prachi because he doesn’t like her, so she doesn’t have to worry. Here, Abhi ask doctor to take Rishi to the hospital. Abhi and Pragya do argument. Prgaya supports Rishi and Abhi stands against him.

Pragya tells to Abhi that Rishi is not culprit but a victim. Abhi gets adamant on his words and says to Pragya that Priyanka is saying truth, as he has seen Rishi running out from the office in hurry. He further says he has seen Priyanka too, who was scared. Pragya ask Abhi to open eyes and see the truth. Abhi ask Pragya not to act insensitive.

Ahead, Pragya says to inspector to send Rishi to the hospital. Abhi says he can help, as ambulance will take a time to come. Pragya says no outsider will touch Rishi now. Abhi ask Pragya not to be so insensitive.

Abhi and Pragya parts their way again. Pragya thinks she has to again fight with Abhi, the duo recalls their moments with each other. Other side, Ranbir thinks why he can’t forget Prachi. Aryan comes and asks Ranbir to tie his gloves. Ranbir says he doesn’t fight with anyone and Prachi thinks the same too. Aryan asks him why he can’t get over from Prachi.

Ranbir ask to Aryan do he utters Prachi’s name more nowadays, Vikram comes and ask Ranbir what he is hiding.

Afterwards, Inspector takes Rishi to the hospital. Pragya ask Rishi not to be scared, as they are just taking him to the hospital. Police ask Pragya to come behind them, as they can’t take her in the police car. There, Abhi gets tensed thinking about Pragya. Here, Pragya calls Disha so that she can go to the hospital. Pragya couldn’t connect with Disha. She sees Abhi standing. Pragya about to leave but Abhi holds her hand.  (Episode Ends)